exchange rate

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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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In June, the central bank went into a currency conversion agreement with the Angolan central bank and this month the bank removed the diamond security feature from the country's two low denomination notes, which were put into circulation a day ago.
This prompted the Bank of Namibia to engage the Banco Nacional de Angola to look at the possibility of entering into a Currency Conversion Agreement.
The currency conversion rates are automatically generated from Reuters and updated up to six times a day to ensure competitive rates.
This enhancement offers our multinational clients the flexibility to expand their gift card program into an international market," says Amanda French, Givex VP of Sales; "It also allows our clients to manage their international gift card program through a convenient administrative interface without having to worry about currency conversion rates and international fund settlements.
Or had I unwittingly been caught by dynamic currency conversion (DCC) fees, now hitting many British travellers using credit and debit cards in Southern Ireland, Spain, France and the US, according to Nationwide BS.
a leading provider of enterprise computer solutions, and Planet Payment, a leading provider in localized payment solutions, today announced that the Aspen Skiing Company, has agreed to implement dynamic currency conversion at The Little Nell for the 2004/2005 ski season.
There is no explanation of rates, or mention of your foreign currency conversion fee rate on the statement.
Currency conversions will be done online, using real-time exchange rates.
Ever since the West German government had first announced in February its commitment to rapid economic and monetary union, there had been great interest in the terms of the forthcoming currency conversion.
The costs of this hedging technique are the transaction cost of buying a forward contract and the cost of currency conversion.
Regardless of any local currency, customers consuming abroad with this credit card may unconditionally enjoy exemption of currency conversion fee.
Global Banking News-November 14, 2013--HSBC Merchant Services launches 'Dynamic Currency Conversion '(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
respect of the 30 September 2011 Currency Conversion Calculation Date
a leading provider of currency conversion and management services that enable businesses to sell online in local currencies announced today that Art.
National Bank Financial Wealth Management has just introduced a multi-currency account that allows clients to make investments in stocks, bonds and other securities from the four corners of the earth without incurring repeated currency conversion costs.