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the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction)

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Despite the presence of these sophisticated bankers in India, treasurers still face problems, chief among them currency convertibility.
Little empirical work has been done previously to examine how currency convertibility affects performance of financial markets in developing countries.
Section 2 describes the exchange rate data utilized in this study and the methodology employed to evaluate whether the official exchange rate was appropriate for introducing currency convertibility.
As a practical matter, however, countries in which privatization is a priority also moving simultaneously to reduce restrictions on capital flows and currency convertibility.
Carrying out its mandates, the OEEC contributed to the development of industry, agriculture, energy and technology as well as to productivity, trade liberalisation and currency convertibility in Europe.
Currency convertibility measures are meant to convenience those tourists and Taiwanese traveling to China via the direct weekend charter flights.
Coordinating with Beijing on how to realize Ma's goals, as well as hammering out the details of achieving currency convertibility between China's yuan and the Taiwanese dollar in Taiwan and fully opening up the island to Chinese tourists, are likely on Chiang's agenda as his trip to China nears.
Currency convertibility and exchange control, supervision of financial institutions, important acts and regulations are also covered in the report.
the first positive and undoubtedly promising results of price stability, currency convertibility, deregulation, and privatization.
True currency convertibility still does not exist, although recently the official rate of exchange for the dollar was only 30 percent below black-market standards, which is good for Eastern Europe.
On January 6, 2002, the Government of Argentina cancelled the long-standing currency convertibility law which had established a conversion rate of one Argentina peso for one U.
Currency Convertibility and Exchange Control (i) Current state of currency convertibility (ii) Exchange control restrictions on current-account transactions (iii) Restrictions on capital-account transactions (iv) Retention rules for foreign exchange earned or owned by residents E.
The risks of currency convertibility and transferability, however, are being assumed by the counterparties under the respective cross currency swap agreements facilitating ratings on the class A US$ euronotes of triple-'A'.
However, the risks of currency convertibility and transferability are being assumed under the cross currency swap by ABN-AMRO Bank N.
The bank will improve its ''mechanisms'' for setting exchange rates and push ahead with currency convertibility, the report said.