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the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction)

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A host country's breach of contract ranked second with about 45%, and currency convertibility restrictions ranked third with about 35%.
From establishing direct links, currency convertibility and allowing mainland tourists to come to Taiwan, Chiang will likely serve as Ma's point man in hammering out the details in key cross-strait plans.
In this work she explains a range of aspects of currency convertibility risks and their management.
This article investigates the impact of currency convertibility under the current account on the informational linkage between official and swap market exchange rates for Chinese currency (renminbi).
The guarantee will protect lenders against risks associated with currency convertibility and transferability and against premature termination of a 20-year power purchase agreement between the special purpose company and Corporacion Dominicana de Electricidad, the state utility," the IDB said;
Twenty years ago, when even advanced countries were suffering from double-digit inflation, when intrusive foreign exchange control was a source of major economic distortions and wide-spread corruption, to preach the virtues of price stability and currency convertibility was clearly to move the world in the right direction.
Editorial included information on joint venture law, currency convertibility, rules of corporate governance, labor and environmental regulations, company and commercial law, and changes in taxation.
Currency convertibility has been an important component of the conversion from plan to a market in other transition economies (McKinnon 1993).
I proceed comfortably to the concept of currency convertibility without monetary restrictions, was pleased with uses of convertibility, and readily agreed that the store of value was stronger in convertible holdings.
Currency boards, by eliminating monetary policy discretion and offering full currency convertibility, give developing countries a much stronger, more visible arrangement for promoting confidence in their money than do central banks.
In those cases where production must occur in the country where the project is taking place, you'd be wise to secure agreements for currency convertibility or exchange.
If we wish to stabilize the price level by (re-)establishing currency convertibility, we presumably need some other form of convertibility that has not yet been tried in practice.
The collapse of the Soviet Union's economy, coupled with limited hard currency convertibility for the ruble, eliminates the major Eastern European trading partner.