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a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it

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Curling lashes after mascara When it comes to beauty tools, eyelash curlers are a real eye opener - but ensure you clamp pre-mascara, to avoid lashes sticking to the curler plate.
In pursuit of the ultimate lash-flattering curve, the beauty brand looked to old-fashioned hair curlers - like your nan used to wear when she was trying to get bounce in her beehive.
By engaging senior curlers at all levels in this grassroots tournament we hope to help grow participation in curling centres all across the country.
com) With its large pink padded handles, it's easy to steady your hand and get a good grip with these curlers.
On day two, I try heated curlers and with Claire's gentle coaxing, my hair's transformed from limp and lifeless to big and bouncy.
The game isn't always fast-paced, but between walking and sweeping, curlers complete about two miles per game.
The research goal is to ensure optimum performance from Canada's curlers at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games.
Curling has been a regular Olympic sport since 1998 and sports science is playing an increasing role in assisting in the preparation of elite curlers.
I put curlers in my hair every night and am scared to death at the thought of a man ever seeing me like that.
WOMEN are born free and are now everywhere in curlers, left.
Brewster said the event lived up to its goal of providing an opportunity for Aboriginal curlers to come together and showcase their skills and culture in an atmosphere of fellowship, sportsmanship and friendly competition.
While hair is still a bit damp, set on medium-to-large Velcro rollers (try Jet Set EZ Grip Curlers by Olivia Garden, $4 per pack, beauty supply stores).
WINTER OLYMPICS: Great Britain's men's curlers lost 8-6 in a bronze play-off defeat by the USA.
30am THOSE crazy snowboarders have a reputation as party animals but it's obvious now that the lady curlers can put them in the shade.
Antin also presented a record of the photographs' making in the form of a video, Shooting Eleanor Antin's Roman Allegories, in which the artist and company eat apples, drink Coke, sit around in curlers, spray hairspray and paint, pretend to become statuary, smoke, impassively dodge joggers on the beach, move around sets, and rush to shoot a scene before the sun sets behind the hills.