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shape one's body into a curl

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The HFZ on Curl-up test for boys and girls at age of 10 should perform 12-24 and 12-26 curl-ups, respectively, while for boys and girls at age of 11 should perform 15-28 curl-ups and 15-29 curl-ups, respectively (Meredith and Welk, 2007).
Exercise sessions consisted of a brief callisthenic-type warm up, followed by resistance exercises using the pneumatic machines (PACE Fitness, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) and floor exercises (push-ups, curl-ups, lunges).
To successfully complete a repetition, the subject had to touch the fingertips to the second strip of tape, with the trunk making a 30-degree angle with the mat and the low back flattened before each curl-up.
It is early in the semester, and the curl-up benchmark is one of several Lee is establishing for skills ranging from the mile run to pull-ups.
The supine curl-up is performed with knees bent and feet unanchored, flat on the floor.
OBJECTIVE: To measure abdominal strength and endurance by maximum number of curl-ups performed in one minute.
Trunk exercises, which are conducted in not only rehabilitative but also athletic situations, usually include much more dynamic exercises, such as V-sits and curl-ups.
In the case of lumbar lordosis these would include the classic curl-ups exercises (but with the lower leg at a right angle to the body), lunges, child's-pose exercise, and exercises with activation of the abdominal muscles to maintain a neutral lumbopelvic alignment when bending the knees.
Push-Ups (PUS) and Curl-Ups (CUR) in 1 min: The subjects performed the maximum number of repetitions of PUS and CUR in 1 min (14).
She conducted a series of assessments on the students including shuttle runs, curl-ups, and push-ups.
LaMichael James smiled, extended his left arm and did several curl-ups.
For example, while watching television, challenge children (and yourself) to perform curl-ups during the first commercial break, jog in place for the second commercial break, and perform push-ups for the third commercial break.
One-sample t-tests were calculated to determine if students' mean FITNESSGRAM scores for PACER, push-ups, and curl-ups were significantly different from the Healthy Fitness Zone scores established by the Cooper Institute, Paired-t-tests were used to evaluate students' FITNESSGRAM scores from baseline to time 2, for traditional and alternative program groups.
I have a pain in my neck when I do curl-ups in gym class.