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a city in southeastern Brazil

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O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar o absenteismo dos servidores municipais da prefeitura de Curitiba no periodo de 2010 a 2015, por meio de variaveis como: quadro de servidores (media por ano), servidores afastados, numero de Licenca para Tratamento de Saude (LTS), dias perdidos por LTS e media de dias perdidos por LTS.
Although Curitiba is internationally known for its planning experience (often taken as a model), it is evident that the city has not succeeded in breaking the dynamics of urbanization marked by deep socio-spatial disparities.
Headquartered in Curitiba, Parana, the firm has recently added a new office via a merger in Jaragua do Sul, Santa Catarina.
Como influye la seguridad en la satisfaccion y en la formacion de la imagen del destino turistico Curitiba para los visitantes y visitados?
State prosecutors in Sao Paulo asked for an arrest warrant for Lula last week after charging him with money laundering and identity fraud for concealing ownership of a beach front apartment, a process that was previously separate from the vast corruption probe Judge Sergio Moro oversees in southern Brazil city of Curitiba.
First, peach tree branches were gathered in two locations in the State of Parana: a) Lapa (Espigao farm 25[degrees]55'10" S, 49[degrees]57'26" W and altitude of 863 m; b) Curitiba (experimental orchard of the Division of Agricultural Sciences of Federal University of Parana located at 25[degrees]24'42" S, 49[degrees]14' 53" W and altitude of 945 m).
2000a) na Regiao Metropolitana de Curitiba e e muito importante para o pequeno agricultor que, tradicionalmente divide sua propriedade em sete partes, colhendo uma das partes por ano.
Also there are bus lines connecting distinct Curitiba's city neighbors directly and connecting Curitiba downtown to specific city neighbors not as fast as express bus does.
This is a strong confirmation that we have chosen the right model for Curitiba.
Born in Rio de Janeiro he came to Curitiba in 1982 to set up his company.
Joseh Jill, Editor-in-Chief of Green Water Newspaper (El Agua Verde), said during a celebration organized by the Syrian community in Curitiba that "Solidarity and amity bring reconstruction to Syria as terrorism has brought destruction.
These stadiums are Arena Da Baixada in Curitiba, Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba, Cortiba Football Club Stadium in Curitiba and Arena Gremio in Porto Alegre.
Entre a ocupacao e a performance e a premissa que motivou a analise da acao de Eliana Herreros na cidade de Curitiba, em Junho de 2003.
En attendant l'arrivee de l'EN prevue hier soir, les supporters algeriens ont deja investi la ville de Curitiba oE se deroulera demain le match face a la Russie.