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Hamel's curiousity and tendency to challenge the status quo preclude the possibility of certainty about where his future research interests may take him next.
With the curiousity that every new child has in life, Parker Myers tries to figure out what the guy with the neat toy pointing at him is doing.
His son's greeting, a mixture of curiousity and suspicion, came after a string of bitter court battles and a pounds 100,000 Europe-wide search which ended in Scotland earlier this year.
However, Mr Dewar's curiousity was mistaken for admir-ation of the work.
One gnawing silence for Alia is her mother's refusal to reveal the identity of her father, and the older women counsel Alia to still her voice and her curiousity.
A natural curiousity is what this method produces for a vote that is expected to produce a cut point.
In the past, children's curiousity was attached to earthly things--solving the mystery of how tadpoles turn into frogs, watching ants scamper along the ground.
Rather, use the cover to arouse curiousity or to promise a major benefit.
Helen "Peggy" Tadlock, a former Eastern Washington resident who lives in Boise, Idaho, called the hotline mostly out of curiousity.
12:30 -1:30pm CURIOUSITY AND CONVERSATION: Fast Talk with Brian Grazer and Fast Company contributor Charles Fishman on the fun of curiosity.
But then I see the words "local", "launch" and most importantly "shoes" in exactly that order and curiousity gets the better of me, for obvious reasons.
VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY Left to right, Chloe Gray, nine, Ellie White, 10, and Tia Sinclair, 10, from Toner Avenue Primary School PLAY TIME BBC presenter Jem Stansfield joins visitors to the Centre for Life in the new Curiousity Zone, which was launched yesterday
Trondheim, Norway's former capital and now third city, would seem quite small by our standards, but is full of contrast and curiousity and reminded me a great deal of Liverpool, with its port, river and mixture of old and new architecture.
And then, out of curiousity, I did a quick Google search for "miniature pig" and discovered that she's right.