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His thirty-minute address was laced with references to three different analogies for how he thinks the curia should work: as a deacon, with the primary and constant aim of being of service to others ( diaconal primacy); as faithful antennae, that transmit and receive signals; and as parts of a body, feeling and relaying sensations ( institutional senses).
Elegir a un conservador de alto rango parecia demostrar que la determinacion del Papa era firme para desarmar las jerarquias de poder de la curia romana.
First of all, it has to make the Curia con-form "to the Good News which must be proclaimed joyously and courageously to all, especially to the poor, the least and the outcast".
Keywords: Roman Curia, Pope Francis, Pastor Bonus, Congregations, Power of Governance.
The Curia is a primary way to understand the relationship between theology and church in recent times.
Benedict XVI had been expected to be a caretaker pope, but proved to be a vigorous defender of the faith who wrote and preached eloquently, began to reform the Curia, and emphasized the need to "open wide the doors of the Church.
The annual greeting comes at a tense time for the Curia, the central administration of the Holy See which governs the 1.
Francis said some in the Curia acted as if they were "immortal, immune or even indispensable", an apparent reference to retired cardinals who remain in the Vatican and continue to exert influence.
Un resoconto degli studi intorno alla riforma della Curia Romana e stato offerto da Varnier (10).
Por eso su equipo hizo todas aquellas filtraciones, lo de los Vatileaks, como el informe en el que salio a relucir la existencia del lobby gay en la curia y todos esos datos tan puntales.
Dr Antonio Monterroso, a historian at the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid, said: "We always knew from the classical texts that Caesar was killed in the Curia of Pompey.
The fortunes of both communities unfolded in the midst of a series of political and religious conflicts, including struggles between the Roman popolo and magnate factions, and turmoil caused by the Papal Schism and Hundred Years' War, both of which contributed to the often tense relations between the Roman curia and the English crown.
The papacy and the Roman curia set this reversal in motion with a hastily imposed new canon law and the pope's decision to name bishops universally, each committing himself to total acceptance of the orthodoxy and orthopraxy that Rome would dictate.
It was like somebody pushed the reset button," says Dante Curia, an entrepreneur and packaging businessman.
The effort was headed by Jeanette Curia, a Simi Valley Council on Aging member and a liaison to the Meals on Wheels program, which delivers hot, nutritious meals to homebound seniors and disabled persons.