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pretiosum Riley, 1879 Tpre-01 Pumpkins Tpre-02 Passiflora Tpre-03 Com Tpre-04 Olive Tpre-05 Com Tpre-06 Cotton Tpre-07 Cotton Tpre-08 Curcubita moschata Tpre-09 Com Tpre-10 -- Tpre-11 -- Tpre-12 Cotton T.
We investigated the suitability of pollen from the cultivated plants pumpkin Curcubita pepo L.
Ascorbate peroxidase and superoxide dismutase activity were found to be positively correlated with photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) in Curcubita pepo, Vinca major, and Nicotiana sylvestris leaves [23, 24].
One such ingredient is D-chiro-inositol, the dietary sources of which include buckwheat (particularly buckwheat farinetta), carob and Curcubita ficifolia (fig leaf melon).
Nectar and pollen production in pumpkin Curcubita pepo L.