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the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)

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As such, curators are involved in nearly all facets of a museum's functions, such as preservation, communication, and study.
Brisbane [Australia], Aug 21 ( ANI ): Kevin Mitchell Jr, one of the Australia's renowned cricket curators, has announced that he will bid adieu to his illustrious career following this year's Ashes Test in November.
The curators will present and discuss their work and debate and critique the latest concerns and positions on the process of exhibition making with an audience comprising artists, writers, curators, art critics, historians, designers, architects and art enthusiasts.
Clothilde Bullen (Curator, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Collections & Exhibitions) and Emily McDaniel (Acting Curator, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Programs) are part of Australias presence at the Venice Biennale as First Nations Senior and Emerging Curators respectively.
Curators sometimes seem to be academics who hate people.
OVER the years, seeing former Cricket Association of Bengal ( CAB) chief curator Prabir Mukherjee run from pillar to post and control the show on the eve of an international match was a common fixture at the Eden Gardens.
Assistant curators earn between PS20,000 and PS25,000 a year.
Agha Zahid, said that the aim and objective of the Preliminary Curator Course is to train the Head Curators, Curators and Ground Staff to prepare and ready pitches and outfield according to the modern cricket requirement.
Delivering, in great detail, the conflicting views of a variety of influential curators, theorists, art historians, and artists, his dense historical read provides a survey of curatorial discourse, but falls short of investigating what it really means to curate today.
In 2013, the annual residency programme for artists and curators will run from January 7 to March 31, coinciding with Art Week, Dubai's premier umbrella arts initiative, which includes Art Dubai, Design Days Dubai, and SIKKA Art Fair, Dubai Culture's contemporary art fair.
The Sunderland-born star and her fellow BBC DJ are two of the guest curators of the exhibition, along with actor Ortis Deley, author and critic Tom Dyckhoff and fashion designer William Tempest.
Summary: Generous stipend enables artists from emerging markets to work with international curators on career-transforming projects
While most art experts, scholars and museum curators dismiss Arseneau's claims, the allegations could divert attention from the true value of the exhibition and the goal of presenting the work of a remarkable artist whose work had a huge impact on the course of modern art.
In 2001, after the departure of Milosevic's apparatchiks, the museum's current staff--a team of curators including Andelkovic, who today is also the director--took charge.
The truth is that the second section overpowers everything else in the show, although the curators try to compensate with music-programmed iPods installed near the paintings for listening pleasure.