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a person authorized to conduct religious worship

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Thomas Wintle is to be |a deacon at St Mary the Virgin, Nuneaton and St Mary and St John, Camp Hill Bee Arnold (new priest) |- curate at St Francis of Assisi in Radford.
Michael Brandsma |(new priest) - curate at Holy Trinity Hartshill, St Peters Galley Common and St Mary's Atherstone.
It is lovely to have such a special object to enhance our worship," says rector, Richard Steel, "and it is great that it has been funded by money raised from those who knew Tom, including two former curates who have gone on to become Bishops.
The idea came from former curate (now retired Bishop) John Gladwin.
it curates products that are both desirable and well-crafted.
William Amurgis, for example, curates external news for American Electric Power's intranet.
But to curate examples of efforts consistent with the theme, the company has adopted a simple Tumblr blog.
The 2010 budget sees an increase in new curates, who are trainee clergy in their first post since theological college, the diocese will accept next year.
The diocese had originally only planned to accept nine new curates, but it has increased the figure to accept all 13 curates allocated to it by the national church Under the budget it has allocated pounds 240,000 for the Bishop's Growth Fund and pounds 360,000 will be for "new work" to be undertaken over the next three years.
Among the highlights: Christian Marclay debuts a musical score comprised of moving images to be interpreted by live musicians at Eyebeam; Francis Alys stages a pseudoburlesque number featuring a singer, a pianist, and a stripper; Berlin- and New York-based artist Jordan Wolfson curates an evening of simultaneous performances (meaning just what it sounds like--they all take place at once) at the Swiss Institute; and the Kitchen looks at the burgeoning genre of the lecture-as-art.
Doctors know better than curates or judges on this.
Clive Hicks, curate in the parish of St Michael's, Budbrooke,Warwick, Chris and Angela Howarth, both curates-incharge at St Stephen's, Canley, Coventry.
A former magazine art director (Mademoiselle), Kruger curates a show illustrating the influence of print media on contemporary artists.
Enrique Juncosa curates this thirty-five painting show of work from the last thirty years, whose catalogue sports an essay by Khakhar's friend Salman Rushdie.
when the concept transcends the individuals, but whenever Schimmel curates he retains a sense of the artists, and respects them.