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a Mexican man who practices healing techniques inherited from the Mayans

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Both believe that curanderismo does not substitute for but supplements conventional medicine.
Curanderismo and the DSM-IV: Diagnostic and treatment implications for the Mexican American client.
Curanderismo is a system of folk medicine that includes rituals, herbal remedies, prayers, and states of consciousness among communities with established Native American and Catholic traditions (Gomez & Gomez, 1985; Trotter, 1981).
She informs helping professionals that some Hispanic-Americans practice curanderismo, being "the art and science of using herbs, prayers, and rituals to cure physical, spiritual, and emotional ills" (p.
and the earth did not part" (1971), or Rudolfo Anaya in Bless Me, Ultima (1972) with its lyric memories of a postwar New Mexico childhood of brujeria (magic) and curanderismo (healing).
Into this broad category fall Native American shamanic healing and purging rituals; Latin American curanderismo, with its own distinctive classes of sickness based on humors (hot, cold, dry, or moist) and remedies; India's traditional Ayurvedic system of lifestyle interventions and natural therapies; Oriental medicine (one place where the non-politically correct adjective adheres) with Its prominent reliance on herbs, needle puncture, and site-specific pressure to correct bodily energy patterns, or qi; as well as weight-loss clinics, midwifery practices, and 12-step programs.
Gonzalez is also planning a conference for next year on curanderismo or folk medicine traditions.
His apprenticeship in northern coastal huachuma curanderismo and initiation into the southeastern Andean paqokuna shaman/priesthood, formally took place between the years 1969 and 1986.
The Folk Healer: The Mexican-American Tradition of Curanderismo by Eliseo Torres, 1984.
The essay by Carlos Viesca Trevino on curanderismo in Mexico and Guatemala is a good example of the imbalance in historical assessments of the healer.
Far from reinforcing the notion of American Catholicism as a "European church come of age" (3), chapters on the Day of the Dead, commemoration of the Via Crucis, curanderismo, and the veneration of the Virgin of Guadalupe give ample evidence that traditional forms have survived to sustain the faith of expatriate Mexicans and have made the Latino presence a strategic element in the U.
The women in So Far from God display all sorts of religious manifestations, from Catholicism to curanderismo (faith healers).
Curanderismo consists of a set of "folk/medical beliefs, rituals, and practices that seem to address the psychological, spiritual, and social needs of traditional Chicano people" (Trotter & Chavirra, 1975).
Curanderismo was even translated to Spanish and published in Mexico.