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a toxic alkaloid found in certain tropical South American trees that is a powerful relaxant for striated muscles

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We present a novel technique to mark blueberry maggot flies, Rhagoletis mendax Curan, using fluorescent markers incorporated into the diet of the flies previous to the release.
Jeann Golan, piano, playing works by Beethoven, Cornelius Cardew, Alvin Curan, Enrique Granados, and Conlon Nancarrow.
Charles Curan and David Tracy being tried as heretics by the Catholic University of America.
El panorama para la buena salud a largo plazo es con frecuencia mas favorable si las afecciones medicas se diagnostican y curan en sus primeras fases.
The winning band members included JP De Leon, Jonathan Keith Gutierrez, Robinson Curan, Jason Gatpandan, Jasper Radin and Jhomark Enriquez, who are all local Filipino expatriate workers.
As for ethical drugs, Ildong possesses many market-leading excellent specialty drugs such as gastrointestinal ulcer treatment Curan, cerebral circulatory metabolism improvement Sermion, Antibiotic Flumarin, diabetes treatment Fastic, and etc.
Mariel Macaskill, Madison Sandler and Meredith Curan put the points on board for Nashoba.
M D Curan, certificate of lawfulness for proposed use for building of dormer extension to rear and installation of two velux rooflights to front, 41 West Avenue.
SLIGO: P Greene, C Harrison, P Naughton, R Donovan, P McGovern, M McNamara, E McHugh, A O'Hara, K Quinn, B Curan, B Egan, J Davey, G Gaughan, M Brahony, D Kelly.
The sucker goal followed a Carlisle corner when Tranmere broke quickly and Paul Arnison made an untimely slip, leaving Shuker to take full advantage of the space and find Curan at the far post, who volleyed past Westwood.
Tal mezcla no aparece en las recetas de Virtudes del romero, pero es de notar que en esta obrita aparece de rigor una receta para el vino de romero y otra para el aceite de romero, con una larga lista de las enfermedades que se curan con estos remedios.
They do not get together very often, but winners like Dawalib, Delrob and King Curan show the efficiency of the partnership.
Goen recently hosted CAT-MINSTER: CFA INTERNATIONAL CAT CHAMPIONSHIP with his wife, Marianne Curan for GSN.