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The scientists used a novel technique called soft x-ray scattering at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron in Saskatoon to probe electron scattering in specific layers in the cuprate crystalline structure.
The methods of the invention also offers ways to fabricate cuprate superconducting tapes on single crystal metallic substrates.
It is the most exciting development in superconductivity since the discovery of the cuprate superconductors," says James Schilling, a high-pressure physicist at Washington University in St.
Studies of the internal structure of cuprates and pnictides led researchers to the idea that a superconductor is a hamburger, in which the electric current flows through the 'meat', while the 'buns' act as a supplier of electrons (Collins, 2009).
7] oxide is a fascinating system because it would sheds lights on the mechanism of superconductivity in cuprate oxide superconductors.
However, there was disagreement within the scientific community about whether the model encompassed a superconducting state in the typical parameter and temperature range of the cuprate superconductors and, as a result, whether the model was appropriate at all.
This strategy has been used to identify and quantify cation disorder in many complex solids, for example, the thallium cuprate superconductors [Tl.
of Minnesota, was the first to characterize fullerenes and cuprate superconductor thin films.
High temperature superconducting resonators and phase shifters, and microwave digital phase shifters have been constructed using yttrium barium cuprate (YBCO) film with semiconductor PIN diodes serving as switches.
More recently, a cerium-doped neodymium cuprate (Nd.
10 Yttrium Barium Cuprate YBa2Cu3O7-d (d - 0) by a Solid-State Reaction Followed by Oxygen Intercalation.
The topics include how cracking the coated layer of coated composite superconductors influences the critical current, investigating the two-component behavior of cuprate superconductors with nuclear magnetic resonance shifts, the critical temperature of two-band superconductors with a pseudogap, the magnetization method for designing bulk multi-seeded high-temperature superconductors, and a design and simulation experiment study on reconfigurable spacecraft base on a flux pinned interface.
Perhaps the most ambitious goal will be to develop laser-cooling techniques to reduce quantum phase fluctuations between planes of cuprate superconductors.
Our understanding of superconductivity in the cuprate family has been hindered by the diversity of intertwining electronic orders," says UBC PhD student Riccardo Comin, lead author on the paper with colleagues at UBC's Quantum Matter Institute, the Max-Planck-UBC Centre for Quantum Materials, and a consortium of research institutions in Canada, the United States and Japan.
Other topics include percolation processes in cuprate composites as low-dimensional systems, crystallizing and characterizing energetic materials, the structure and morphology of eletrodeposited nickel-cobalt alloy powders, developing bulk metallic glasses based on cobalt, graph-skein modules of three-manifolds, and evaluating metal fatigue characteristics considering the effect of defects.