Cupid's bow

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the double curve of the upper lip when considered to resemble Cupid's bow

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a curved bow with reversed curve ends

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Apply the highlighter the tops of your cheekbones, the arches your eyebrows and on your cupid's bow
But is he just as confident with Cupid's bow and arrow?
But is he just as confident with Cupid's bow and arrow as he is with a Louboutin six-inch heel?
A plumper and fuller pout was created using five different varieties of lipstick and gloss: darker reds on the outer corners, lighter shades in the middle to lend dimension, with a highlighted cupid's bow and bottom lip.
Step two: dab above the Cupid's bow to make lips appear fuller," advises Kidd.
With The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity, Atari takes cupid's bow in hand and fires an arrow of platform gaming love into the hearts of anyone who's ever been in a rush to meet up with their new crush.
To create a fuller lip, first apply a highlight colour to the cupid's bow then apply your lipstick.
He is a half-brother to Pat Martin's capable handicapper Cupid's Bow out of a half-sister to another Irish Guineas winner in Flash Of Steel.
This aids in establishing a Cupid's bow mouth in the short upper lip cases.
Two sets of three women, Cupid's bow and arrows above.
Cupid's bow always points towards PARIS for truly memorable romantic breaks.
He says to apply concealer at the corners of your mouth to create a rounder Cupid's bow, and to use your lip-liner pencil after you apply lipstick.
Because the use of cura specifically for the `passion of love' is common in poetry,(1) the Ovidian anagram becomes particularly pointed, and the source of the lover's anxieties is found to be in the word itself: the wound inflicted by Cupid's bow (arcu) is the cause of the lover's passion (cura) and of Ovid's turn to elegy.