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the attendant (usually an officer of a nobleman's household) whose duty is to fill and serve cups of wine

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Dreams without divine symbols to ordinary people who were neither prophets nor kings were interpreted as dealing with immediate personal matters, as we find in the case of the dreams of Pharaoh's chief baker and cup-bearer, dreams that mirrored concerns about their immediate future while in prison.
However, the dream interpretation he gave to the chief baker and chief cup-bearer dealt with immediate personal matters, whether they would be freed or executed.
So Joseph asked to be remembered by the chief cup-bearer when the latter was restored to favor with Pharaoh (Gen 40:14).
46 Which mythical Trojan prince was the cup-bearer of Zeus and hence gave a name to Jupiter's largest moon?
As in the Greek and Latin sources, Ganymede is a beautiful mortal boy who is seized by Jove, taken to be his cup-bearer and, in some versions of the story, his catamite.
One might consider that the Human term tapsahi possibly indicates not only (or not specifically) the cup-bearer, but more generally a table attendant or a kitchen worker, and that the etymology of this word, if one is looking for some link with the verb taps-, is connected with some task performed by this servant, such as that of lighting the fire, or heating up food.
Taz was the saqi, or cup-bearer, of Sultan al-Nasir Mohamed and he married his daughter.
The hero has someone at court who presents him to the king (the cup-bearer in Genesis 41:9-13, Arioch in Daniel 2:25, the queen in Daniel 5:10-12).
It was built in 1340 by Amir Altunbugha al-Maridani, son-in-law of Sultan An-Nasir Mohamed and cup-bearer at the royal court.