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nilo mundius hoc, nihiloque immundius illud, verum etiam culus mundior et medior; nam sine dentibus est; dentis os sesquipedalis, 5 gingiuas uero ploxeni habet ueteris, praeterea rictum qualem diffissus in aestu meientis mulae cunnus habere solet.
95, 3-6, "Amplexus tribus assibus locantes/ Quarum multiplici fricatione/ Cunnus laxior est olentiorque/ Quam merde volucrum rapaciorum".
Effice un cibus ex illes mens, os, cor, pectus, et cunnus de mens.
Poet: And all that is left is to sup on alcohol Then fall blunt upon the Muse, her softness, Muse: Like any supercilious bastard, Poet: Believing intellect makes poetry of every orgasm, To revive Irving Layton, and ask, with Pound, Muse: 'Hast thou found a nest softer than cunnus Or hast thou found better rest.
Paul Barolsky pointed out that the Latin for rabbit, cuniculus, was often used in the Renaissance to pun on the female pudenda, cunnus, and he suggested that the proximity of the rabbit to the pudenda of Venus in Piero's painting is a similar reference.