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battle in 401 BC when the Artaxerxes II defeated his younger brother who tried to usurp the throne

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Those opposite the Greeks put up no resistance and turn to disordered flight (7,6,1), just as at Cunaxa the Persian forces ranged against the Greek phalanx are routed before a blow is struck (An.
1-4), Artaxerxes II subjected a Persian soldier to the ordeal of the troughs for revealing how Cyrus the Younger died in the battle of Cunaxa.
The death of Cyrus made useless the victory of Cunaxa near Babylon.
9) Following the battle of Cunaxa, where Cyrus was killed by the forces of his older brother Antaxerxes II, the real journey of the Greeks began, as their worst fears were realized with the death of their sponsor.
Cunaxa soon proved why these clumsy, heavily-armed, and querulous Greek foot soldiers were worth bringing along on a 1,500 mile trek from the Aegean.
These troops served Cyrus at the disastrous battle of Cunaxa (401 BC).
When Xenophon's hoplites charged the Persians at Cunaxa he