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a globular cloud

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These scientists predict that at least 2,000 cumulus clouds per hour (if most are about 120 miles across) will penetrate the visible top of the atmosphere while Voyager 2 looks on.
The skeptics doubted that seeding agents dispersed at the base of a tall cumulus cloud could wend their way 5,000 to 12,000 feet up, to the part of the cloud that contains moisture droplets.
Her garden is younger than mine but when her magnolias are in bloom it is like walking through cumulus clouds.
The primary weather concerns for launch are anvil clouds, cumulus clouds and lightning.
By ELIZABETH ABUSLEME, Tourism Council of Bhutan marketing chief MORNING I'd enjoy my morning coffee on our balcony in Bhutan with a magnificent view of Changangkha Monastery, accompanied by a bright sky and cumulus clouds.
There are signs of cumulus clouds forming on the south-western highlands.
It is undetectable and is completely invisible; there are no mountains or cumulus clouds to indicate that there might be turbulence in the vicinity.
It includes a chance to see and hear The Pointer Sisters' classic song I'm So Excited being performed in a whole new light and you can try to spot the difference between fluffy foam and cumulus clouds.
Cumulus clouds have gathered and heavy rain and thunder especially along the coastal and North Eastern areas is expected.
Muscat, Oct 23 (ONA) Latest satellite images and weather charts continue indicating the presence of a tropical low pressure system accompanied by cumulus clouds.
If it's cumulus clouds and rain showers, as long as we get a hold over the pad, that's a go day for us," Leibach said.
weather with cumulus clouds starting to multiply, and an increasing chance for
We took off and got above some puffy cumulus clouds, but I could see many darker cells in the distance already dropping rain.
The dark cumulus clouds appeared suddenly on city horizons, accompanied with strong gusts of wind resulting in heavy downpour which continued for a considerable time.