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Synonyms for cumin

dwarf Mediterranean annual long cultivated for its aromatic seeds

aromatic seeds of the cumin herb of the carrot family

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MY SALON Suite has raised the bar in luxury, privacy, suite size and functionality in the salon suite industry," said Scot Cummin, property owner at MY SALON Suite of North Naples.
responsib a lot of fi "We ca with Alex down th Stanton l Cummin that into "We sh to scra perform Hibs h can cut teams open, Harris running the right and Sam linking with Jason Cummings.
but whe meaning Tipp d echoed as he too Cummin medallis Mahe the time going to "He w in 2009 him.
Recommendations from Friday's Goalpost SEAMUS MOYNIHAN Wexford +6 2pts 10-11 Blue Square, V Chandler DAN SHANAHAN Waterford +6 2pts Evs Cummin, Ladbrokes, Power OLLIE CANNING Waterford +6 2pts Evs Cummin, Ladbrokes, Power GOALPOST, your unbeatable GAA betting pullout, is free in the Irish Racing Post every Friday
When they have leveled its surface, do they not scatter dill, sow cummin, and plant wheat in rows and barley in its proper place, and spelt as the border?
She was born May 30, 1927, in King County in Washington to Roy and Adeline Cummin Supplee.
A Punjab Desi Bidi (Tobacco) No 3 Bidi (Tobacco) No 4 Naswari Chilam Tobacco Virginia No 5 Sindh Mixture No 4 SPICES (Whole) Chillies Dry Whole(India) 40 Kg Kunri (Dandicut) 7600 to 8000 Chillies dry whole (Desi) Cummin seed white (Zeera) 10000 to 11000 Cummin seed black (Zeera) 12000 to 14000 Ajwan 3200 to 3800 Turmeric Gantha 8500 to 9500 Turmeric Lambi 9800 to 11000 Coriander seed No.
It does not seem to enter his mind that sonnet is only the name for a particular form of verse, and that the mint and cummin and trammels are what constitute that form.
FEI's Chairman for 2010-11 Brian Ruttencutter, CFO, Cummin Group, had brief comments, as did Kim Gazzola, VP for Finance and Administration, Cambridge College, and chair of Financial Executives Research Foundation, the research affiliate of FEI that is the beneficiary of proceeds from the Hall of Fame.
It started auspiciously with good breads served with good olive oil and vinegar and a serving of excellent houmous which was roughly textured and had top notes of cummin.
OWLS ABOUT THAT: Jonathan Price, aged 10, with Spectre the snowy owl in North Wales SNOW ANGELS: Cardiff University medical students Kerensa Chapman, 24, Laura Eddy, 24, Alice Cummin, 23, and Laura Stacey, 23, enjoyed the snow in Bute Park, Cardiff, after their lectures were cancelled SHREDDING: Snowboarders enjoy the wintery weather at the Storey Arms in the Brecon Beacons, 20 miles north of Cardiff SLOW GOING: Motorists on the Heads of the Valleys road battle against the snow HOT ROD: Terry Bromwell from the Graig, Pontypridd, still went fishing despite the freezing temperatures BARKING Marisalea of the Graig, Pontypridd, her little dog Harvey enjoy snow WHITE OUT: An amazing satellite image issued by the University of Dundee of a snow-covered UK
Adam Speight, from Barry, with his Bluebird pal; Grace Lewis with her Peppa Pig; Morgan with Sammy the Snowman; and Bill, built by Josh Jefferies and friend in Thornhill After their lectures were cancelled medical students, from left, Kerensa Chapman, Laura Eddy, Alice Cummin and Laura Stacey built snowmen in Bute Park Dan and Katie Westlake with their snowman An elderly snowman outside Cartref Care Home
The five are Josh Patterson, 56, Peter Cummin, 57, Rob Rudrum, 51, Michael Thompson, 40, and Peter Thorman, 58.
List rental: Contact Cummin Lovejoy, 845/732-7262 (cummin.