Cumberland River

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a river that rises in southeastern Kentucky and flows westward through northern Tennessee to become a tributary of the Ohio River in southwestern Kentucky

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5 million to build the new Cumberland River Aquatic Center, which will replace an aging facility next to the Gallatin Fossil Plant that was removed at the start of the plant s emissions control project last year.
There were supposedly bison pictographs at a site recorded by Haywood in the Cumberland River drainage, now heavily damaged by vandals, but we cannot discern representations in the images (Figure 7a).
Live music will play all day and night on the banks of Cumberland River at Riverfront Park.
These sympatric species are found within the Ohio River drainage, including direct Ohio River tributaries of southern Illinois and Indiana and the Green and Cumberland river basins in central Kentucky and Tennessee (Page, 1983; Etnier and Starnes, 1993).
Last May, we watched with trepidation as floodwater from the swollen Cumberland River submerged the Gaylord Opryland.
i could claim the magnolias my mother grew up with their sweet smell outside the back door where she was born and I could claim cumberland river up under the bridge where my uncles dipped their hands and pulled up catfish 2.
Cumberland River flooding has not only destroyed important musical mementos, it has also meant a big hit to the Nashville hotel industry and the loss of tax revenues from business interruption.
Muddy waters poured over the banks of Nashville's swollen Cumberland River, spilling into Music City's downtown streets.
Authorities in Tennessee were preparing for more deaths and for the Cumberland River, which winds through the Music City, to crest at 10 feet above flood stage before sunrise, putting portions of downtown in danger of the kind of damage experienced by thousands of residents whose homes were swamped by flash floods.
ABSTRACT--Fort Donelson National Battlefield is a 234-ha tract of federal land along the Cumberland River in Stewart County, Tennessee.
Reflect on their stories with a lazy float down the park's major artery, the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River.
CASE FACTS: Sharon Geesling, a disabled 56 year-old woman, was admitted to the ER at Cumberland River Hospital on June 17, 2005, by Clay County Adult Services (CCAS) due to possible neglect after she was found in her home by CCAS dehydrated and with missing medications.
Reed was fishing on the Cumberland River, Nashville, when Elvis's people called, inviting him to play on the recording, an offer he couldn't refuse.
Cumberland Valley originated from the furniture designed and produced by immigrant craftsman along the Cumberland River valley in Tennessee in the early 1800s.
It was all aboard The General Jackson riverboat for a beautiful meal and a fabulous Country comedy show with Tim Watson as the boat cruised up Nashville's Cumberland River.
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