Cumberland Plateau

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the southwestern part of the Appalachians

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An ecological study of the Cumberland Plateau Salamander, Plethodon kentucki, Mittleman, in West Virginia.
Simek and his team analyzed 44 open-air art sites where the art is exposed to light and 50 cave art sites in the Cumberland Plateau using nondestructive, high-tech tools, such as a high-resolution laser scanner.
Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee: "Mountaintop removal and other destructive coal mining practices threaten an ecosystem that is world-renowned for its rich biological diversity and rare species.
Situated along the Ohio River, in extreme northeastern Kentucky, Greenup County encompasses the hills and hollows of the rugged Cumberland Plateau.
Laurel dace are found in seven streams within the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.
He and his wife Gayle McKeen, a political scientist at the university of the South, built a lovely home in the woods in Clifftops on the Cumberland Plateau where they lived with their beloved dog, Fitzhugh, when they were not traveling the world.
The range of eastern hemlock extends from southern Quebec and Ontario southward to Georgia and along the Cumberland Plateau to Alabama.
In the region's Cumberland Plateau, 175 species of tree cover the area, including oak, hickory, black gum, red maple and other hardwoods.
describes the history of tourism in the American Mountain South (comprised of Southern Appalachia, the Cumberland Plateau, the Ouachita Mountains, and the Ozark Mountains), chronologically analyzing economic, cultural, and environmental impacts from 1865 through the dawn of the 21st century.
If there were an international tribunal that prosecuted crimes against the planet, like the one in The Hague that deals with crimes against humanity, what is happening on the Cumberland Plateau in eastern Tennessee would undoubtedly be indictable.
However, in many areas that appear suitable for its recovery, such as the Cumberland Plateau of Kentucky, the raven has yet to reestablish.
as dawn silvers the Cumberland Plateau and brings birdsong.
The scenery changed when the plane crossed the Tennessee River to the Cumberland Plateau.
In aiming for geographic comprehensiveness, Davis synthesized, relying on popular sources and scholarship published prior to the 1990s; he sometimes omitted material that should have been included within the scope he set himself, most notably discussion of the Shawnee (and other Native Americans besides the Cherokee) and the Cumberland Plateau.
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