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a river that rises in southeastern Kentucky and flows westward through northern Tennessee to become a tributary of the Ohio River in southwestern Kentucky

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Powel's and Walden's, and were approaching Cumberland mountain when this adverse fortune overtook us.
When he and the girl went north to Ellesmere Land in the year of the Wonderful Open Winter, he left the picture-story with Kadlu, who lost it in the shingle when his dog-sleigh broke down one summer on the beach of Lake Netilling at Nikosiring, and there a Lake Inuit found it next spring and sold it to a man at Imigen who was interpreter on a Cumberland Sound whaler, and he sold it to Hans Olsen, who was afterward a quartermaster on board a big steamer that took tourists to the North Cape in Norway.
William Wordsworth [Footnote: The first syllable is pronounced like the common noun 'words'] was born in 1770 in Cumberland, in the 'Lake Region,' which, with its bold and varied mountains as well as its group of charming lakes, is the most picturesque part of England proper.
But why have you called it Fernley Manor, Cumberland, instead of Wildfell Hall, -shire?
The serjeant had informed Mr Jones that they were marching against the rebels, and expected to be commanded by the glorious Duke of Cumberland.
So they were had into the palace and showed the whole art of the sword for two hours at a stretch, before King George and Queen Carline, and the Butcher Cumberland, and many more of whom I havenae mind.
In this expedition we did not intend to follow the great road to Edinburgh, but to visit Windsor, Oxford, Matlock, and the Cumberland lakes, resolving to arrive at the completion of this tour about the end of July.
From Derby, still journeying northwards, we passed two months in Cumberland and Westmorland.
We had scarcely visited the various lakes of Cumberland and Westmorland and conceived an affection for some of the inhabitants when the period of our appointment with our Scotch friend approached, and we left them to travel on.
Cumberland, wanted to engage the services of a thoroughly competent drawing-master, for a period of four months certain.
After starting all the petty objections that I could think of to going to Cumberland, and after hearing them answered, one after another, to my own complete discomfiture, I tried to set up a last obstacle by asking what was to become of my pupils in London while I was teaching Mr.
The rest of the evening passed merrily enough in humorous anticipations of my coming life with the two young ladies in Cumberland.
Fairlie accepted my services, and requested me to start for Cumberland immediately.
When your sun shines in Cumberland (English proverb), in the name of heaven make your hay.
Cumberland would be proceeding its operations from its headquarters in Dubai, and from its engineering, sales and technical support offices in the UK, Singapore and India.