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a broad pleated sash worn as formal dress with a tuxedo

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I loved this gold and copper-lined evening top for pounds 30 and teamed it up with some lovely black velvet trousers with a matching lace and sequinned cumberbund.
ELEGANT: Margaret Bradford picked out a sparkly top (pounds 30) and a black georgette skirt (pounds 40) from Wallis; STYLISH: "Nearly" great grandmother Ann Goodhew, aged 66, models black velvet trousers with sequined cumberbund (pounds 30) and a gold and copper top (pounds 30) from Evans; SHAPELY: Basque pounds 22; FIGURE HUGGING: French knickers and Wonderbum tights
For there is nothing more humiliating, sad and demeaning than a man who wishes to make virtue of his wild streak via a reindeer print cumberbund, snowman braces and a flashing bow tie.
Loosening my cumberbund - which is feeling the strain of a seven-course feast - and fiddling with my bow tie in a Stan Laurel-style, I ask my new wife - what'll it be tonight?