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glass tube closed at one end

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Because of recruitment of new juveniles (urchins [less than or equal to] 4-mm diameter) smaller than the culture tube mesh size (4.
During the inoculation of cell monolayers, we placed a negative control using the same cell line injected with maintenance medium after every fifth cell culture tube.
No visual turbidity was observed in uninoculated sterile 1 mL nutrient broth culture tubes incubated at 37[degrees]C or room temperature nor were any sediments (pills) observed after the tubes were centrifuged at 14,000 RPM for 5 mm.
8, and then distributed in 25x 150 mm culture tubes covered with plastic Bellco kaptus before autoclaving at 121[degrees]C for 15 minutes under pressure of 15 PSI.
and Kimble Glass' disposable glass culture tube business (see IBO 4/15/01).
39-mL (2-dram) vial and a borosilicate culture tube (Fisher Scientific) were also examined.
company which manufactures molecular biology reagents and plastic consumables for the life science marketplace, and the purchase of the disposable culture tube (DCT) business of Kimble Glass, Inc.
In April 2001, Chase acquired Kimble's disposable glass culture tube product line and consolidated this product line into Chase's Rockwood, Tennessee facility.
Apogent also acquired Kimble Glass's disposable glass culture tube business, which it will integrate into its Chase Scientific Glass subsidiary.
25 Top fraction, [micro]L NA 400 Bottom fraction, [micro]L NA 600 Top transfer/wash Transfer top to: 5-mL volumetric 12 X 75 mm flask culture tube Wash, (b) [micro]L ~750 300 Wash, [micro]L ~750 300 Resuspend pellet Transfer bottom to: 5-mL volumetric 12 X 75 mm culture tube Wash, [micro]L ~750 400 Wash, [micro]L ~750 Bring to volume Analyze directly and analyze Total time to analvsis 2.
Revised Order of Draw: 2003 First: Blood culture tube or vials Second: Coagulation tube (e.
To 1 mL of plasma in a 16 x 100 mm silanized, screw-top culture tube was added 100 [micro]L of 500 [micro]g/L internal calibrator (N-n-propylnorbuprenorphine), 4 mL of ethyl acetate:heptane (4:1 by vol), and 0.
These tubes are not interchangeable; specimens that are to be cultured must be placed in the culture tube, and specimens for routine urinalysis, in the tube meant for urinalysis.
45 micron filter and reinoculating a few drops of the yeast-free fluid into a fresh tissue culture tube.
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