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Synonyms for culture

Synonyms for culture

the total product of human creativity and intellect

enlightenment and excellent taste resulting from intellectual development

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for culture

the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group

all the knowledge and values shared by a society

(biology) the growing of microorganisms in a nutrient medium (such as gelatin or agar)

a highly developed state of perfection

the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization

grow in a special preparation

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Emirates such as Fujairah have culturally significant roundabouts, but also animal figures that hint at its rich marine life such as the Shark Roundabout, Fish Roundabout and Dolphin Roundabout.
But I truly believe it's among the more ecologically significant and culturally significant places I've worked," she said.
The checkpoints set by the students were at different tourist destinations and culturally significant places of Kathmandu.
It is hard to imagine a more culturally significant event in the history of our country than the election of an African American president.
As a country, however, 72 per cent believe that Jesus' birth continues to be culturally significant, evidence of which-or so the report suggests - is in the growing popularity of carol services.
The city is filled with culturally significant arts, history, culture, museums and architecture.
The biggest advantage of having our new local team is that we can get our guests an insiders look at the most historically and culturally significant aspects of the region's heritage: it's decadent palaces, outstanding arts and glorious cathedrals, as well as taking in the country's areas of exceptional natural beauty," the statement added.
We want to emphasize the value of providing fun, educational, and culturally significant entertainment for the whole family,C[yen] he added.
We will become major investors in the forestry sector and the land to be returned is culturally significant to us all.
The TTMA gives the Mann Award to individuals whose direction and vision have made a lasting impact on the travel and tourism industry; it gives the Landmark Award to acknowledge tourism landmarks that represent historically and culturally significant places in Southern California.
Currently, plans to expand Honolulu's city dump have been delayed by the discovery of large upright stones that may be culturally significant to Native Hawaiians.
Barfly's assistant promoter Damian McGarrigle says: "The bands and acts on show over the festival weekend are a showcase of the best that Liverpool has to offer in musical talent, mixing those who were initially booked to play Mathew Street festival with those we felt deserved a place in one of the most culturally significant festivals in Europe.
Faced with the problem of helping students develop fluency and more authentic rhythm, stress, and intonation in a university French class, Sally Staddon has welded a learning structure and techniques to a content that is both adult and culturally significant.
Were they discussing Henson's fall from grace, or the absence of Rhodri at such a culturally significant event?
Featuring interviews with Burton Gilliam, Leonard Maltin, Samuel Arkoff, John Bloom, and Barry Corbin, Drive-In Movie Memories is a remarkable production of culturally significant American history.
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