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a condition of disorientation affecting someone who is suddenly exposed to an unfamiliar culture or way of life or set of attitudes

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If white parents were going to raise children from another race in that child's community, white parents would necessarily undergo a cultural shock that they never imagined.
Prepare employees better for the cultural shock they will experience, particularly for newcomers, said one respondent.
1995), expatriates should be sufficiently flexible and willing to adapt to the new culture's norms to survive the cultural shock of living in a foreign country.
For international travelers, there are a number of matters to consider, such as country restrictions, required documentation, mode of transport, possible quarantine times and out-of-pocket expenses--not to mention the cultural shock that animals, like humans, face in any new setting.
Welsh Muslim young people who thought themselves like any other Welsh person got a rude awakening post-9/11 - a sort of cultural shock that they were not like any other Welsh person.
I believe it may be a bit of a cultural shock for me and I'm actually really excited about that.
I felt a huge cultural shock when I initially arrived in Halifax, and I was unable to follow my religious practices.
Oberg (1960) defined cultural shock as "anxiety that results from losing all familiar signs and symbols of social intercourse from the change in cultural environment" (p.
Using a trip to Belize with nursing students, Dr Newton shared how students were prepared for the trip and how reflection and journaling were used as an outlet for cultural shock and reticence during this service abroad experience
These factors contributed to cultural shock initially, but participants successfully adapted to the new culture.
My Cultural Shock of Hezbollah I can't believe that a party proudly claimed to have avoided entering the Lebanese civil war, gets involved in a Syrian civil war.
That was my first cultural shock - actually second.
When you transition from the military to the VA, there's a big cultural shock.
Transition shock: Putting cultural shock in perspective.
My first experience was that of a cultural shock when I was taken from John F.
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