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(philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that all criteria of judgment are relative to the individuals and situations involved

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This article offers an interpretation and critical reconstruction of David Hume's argument on cultural relativism in the essay, "A Dialogue.
The net result was that Boas's cultural relativism swept to victory in the human sciences--Emile Durkheim in sociology, Burrhus Frederic Skinner and John B.
The logic of sovereignty, however, diverges from that of cultural relativism, in that it is predicated on states and state action and hence does not allow for existence of culture distinct from that of states.
Therefore, in the beginning it is necessary to answer to the cultural relativism critique to human rights, followed by an answer to the sovereignty critique.
Here cultural relativism introduce that is related to beliefs, manners of other tribes in frame work of their culture and our culture because our intrinsic means construct for our cultures if we could see cultural difference with cultural relativism perspective, we would find this ability that look another culture.
Multiculturalism, America and the Middle East makes Americans aware of the often malign character and impact of this still fashionable doctrine across the liberal spectrum, doing so with attention to its anthropological origins and moral contradictions, for multiculturalism champions a supra-nationalism and cultural relativism that undercuts our political ideals and, indeed, very view of the past.
A majority of the articles are from CFLAs discussing such topics as cultural relativism, ethnography and culture training.
It is apparently one of the striking examples of that cancer of moral and cultural relativism, the one much bemoaned by many political and religious leaders.
demonstrates well how these ideas and persons not only formed Benedict but shaped his later responses to such controversial topics as liberation theology, cultural relativism, and the secularization of the West.
while proponents of cultural relativism may believe such governments to
Was political correctness and cultural relativism leading Italian cultural icons and intellectuals to say that America deserved what it got?
Liberal "refonn" of the public school system by educators like Barack Obama's friend, Bill Ayers, involves twisting of the lexicon, growth of cultural relativism (multiculturalism), denigration of tradition, rejection of traditional authority, and abandonment of knowledge.
It is for this reason that we should not fall into the trap of cultural relativism too fast or easily.
Cultural relativism is the worst disease in Europe today.
On the other hand, cultural relativism may fail to identify gross human rights abuse, especially the rights of women and children, hidden under anticolonial criticism.
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