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(philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that all criteria of judgment are relative to the individuals and situations involved

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The notion of cultural relativism remains significant within the contemporary world, where cultural difference often provokes suspicion and resentment, rather than curiosity and appreciation.
In abandoning the medical model, the APA has replaced it with four new principles in DSM-5 (APA, 2013): 1) A spectrum (also called "dimensional") approach to the definition of mental illness; 2) recognition of the role played by environmental risk factors related to stress and trauma in predisposing, precipitating, and perpetuating mental illness; 3) cultural relativism in diagnosis and treatment of mental illness; and 4) recognizing the adverse effects of psychiatric medications on patients.
Spiro, an American researcher, opposes cultural relativism and contradicts other relativists as follows: "Even conceding that nontrivial generalization and no vacuous theories are discoverable, epistemological relativism rejects the conception of anthropology as a 'scientific' discipline not so much on pragmatic as on principled grounds.
in Congo or India and their successive repudiating by a husband and society), cannibalism, incest, and the burning of thousands of witches during the second half of the twentieth century in Tanzania and Bombay (17) pose a significant challenge to the concept of moral relativism and make it evident that the "borderlines between cultural relativism and moral nihilism are unclear.
Universal Moral Standards and the Problem of Cultural Relativism in Hume's "A Dialogue," HENRIK BOHLIN
Though later in the novel Archanjo, and Amado through him, appear to argue in favor of a Boasian cultural relativism, this relativism is always undermined by Archanjo's emphasis on racial mixing, with race defined in genetic terms.
Justice Department's collaboration with an anti-freedom group that is notorious for seeking to silence and demonize political opposition on topics ranging from big government to cultural relativism.
Rhetoric Wrestle Between Cultural Essentialism and Cultural Relativism
While in the nineteenth century human rights had to endure the intellectual critiques of Jeremy Bentham, Edmund Burke or Karl Marx, in present days they must face new strong challenges such as cultural relativism, state sovereignty or counter-terrorist measures.
He said that cultural relativism and plurality as vindicated by postmodernism put an even higher premium on soul searching by Muslims.
In chapter 6, "An Anthropological Laboratory," anthropologists such as Bronislaw Malinowski adopted cultural relativism on topics such as witchcraft and encouraged African participation in research.
To get there, he argues, we must in fact reject the sort of cultural relativism and romanticism that are Burke's legacies.
Stephen Reyna demonstrates how cultural relativism was a necessary corrective to exploitative imperial views of progress, but he advocates for a move away from postmodern disinterestedness and a careful return to the goal of universal progress in "Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise Again of the Concept of Progress in Anglo-American Anthropology.
In the article, Mona Eltahawy runs through a litany of indictments of women's rights in the Middle East, and issues a call to arms against cultural relativism.
Here cultural relativism introduce that is related to beliefs, manners of other tribes in frame work of their culture and our culture because our intrinsic means construct for our cultures if we could see cultural difference with cultural relativism perspective, we would find this ability that look another culture.
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