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Synonyms for myth

Synonyms for myth

a traditional story or tale that has no proven factual basis


a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea

Words related to myth

a traditional story accepted as history

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I would have liked to see Roosevelt enrich the story lines that drive the cultural myth.
Here, and in the book as a whole, Bush succeeds admirably in showing how cultural myths become solidified, and how they are entangled in social and cultural conflicts.
The promise of a panacea for one of our most dreaded 'diseases' is a powerful cultural myth," says Whitehouse, "and one purveyed by powerful pharmaceutical companies, advocacy organizations, and private researchers with much profit to gain.
A BIRMINGHAM MP will launch a campaign in the city which aims to tackle cultural myths about cancer among black and ethnic minorities.
MaryAnne Borrelli analyzes Michelle Obama and notes that the current first lady performs her role against racist stereotypes of black womanhood: "Cultural myths and ideologies that have traditionally been ascribed to president's wives, rooted in nineteenth-century white, Anglo-Saxon, aristocratic conceptions of womanhood; they also include the cultural myths and ideologies that have been ascribed to African American women as justification for their sexual and economic exploitation" (pp.
to make a wider commentary on American culture, suggesting that just as Jimmy's dreams reveal deep and paralyzing wounds, our shared cinematic fantasies point to underlying ills in the American psyche--ills we do not recognize living inside the dream world of our own cultural myths about violence and success.
She emphasised that their trips are a call against stereotypes A[degrees] a chance to dispel some cultural myths perpetuated through European media.
The speakers at the seminar called for stronger advocacy and public awareness, especially in areas, where stereotypes, false perceptions and cultural myths pose more hindrances to efforts being made to integrate people with albinism.
By making a conscious effort to practise these positive actions, we often can affect our mindset and defy the cultural myths that bind us.
Cultural myths and stereotypes probably over emphasize this but whether it's because we are anxious about all the work waiting for us, still tired since we need a weekend to get over the weekend, late nights, over indulgence, and different sleeping patters; wanting to avoid the first day of the week is quite a common sentiment for most and many public opinion polls confirm this.
Tidhar thus elevates Cloud Permutations into a meditation on the making and meaning of cultural myths.
Illustrated with full-color photography and artwork on almost every page, the "World Mythologies" series makes traditional cultural myths thoroughly accessible to readers of all ages.
Russell's Three Kings and Anthony Swofford's Jarhead, Adams reveals the bifurcation between the cultural myths about war's ability to create men/manhood from a civilian perspective and the depictions of the much different male hero presented in film and literature often and especially produced by veterans themselves.
In this transdisciplinary study, Lindley (Oriental and African Studies, University of London) overturns many economic, philanthropic and cultural myths about these remittances.
Running Free in Angelina Jolie's Virtual Body: The Myth of the New Frontier and Gender Liberation in Second Life" (Ellen Gorsevski) discusses the cultural myths created and communicated through the virtual community Second Life, especially as to how these myths pertain to women.
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