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The brothers, who live in nearby Mandug village, were both members of Sukol (Fight), a progressive cultural group active in several protest rallies in the city, Apiag said.
In addition to speaking both official languages, 16% of Montreal inhabitants are from a non-European cultural group and 19.
Newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson spoke at the same meeting and said the people involved should not be connected to religious or cultural groups.
In some studies evidence is provided for cultural group differences in prosocial moral reasoning (Carlo, Koller, Eisenberg, Da Silva, & Frohlich, 1996; Carlo, Roesch, & Koller, 1999; Tietjen, 1986) whereas others show a pattern of similarities across cultural groups (Boehnke, Silbereisen, Eisenberg, Reykowski, & Palmonari, 1989).
Failure to understand and recognize these elements of culture and the layers that compose them, as well as how they influence each other is the main reason misunderstandings occur when interacting across cultural groups.
Perhaps most importantly, the question arises whether an adapted test--that was not originally developed for a specific cultural group, and in which the intended meaning is not clearly embedded in the particular target-cultural context--could ever be regarded as a valid and useful instrument for that cultural group.
This month we chose to look at sexual orientation as a cultural group with unique cancer care needs.
As to work experience of the coordinators and cultural group adviser the highest percentage of them worked for 1-3 years in the Culture and Arts office.
supported by a large number of studies showing an "other-race effect," which is defined as a greater capacity to recognize faces of one's own cultural group as compared to faces from other cultural groups.
Two Trees was required to give 5,000 square feet to a cultural group for 20 years in a rent-free lease.
SYDNEY -- Members of a New Zealand Maori cultural group prepare to perform a traditional "Haka" war dance for pilgrims during World Youth Day activities in July.
POMONA -- With colorful costumes and smiles, a cultural group from Cal Poly Pomona proudly performed dances from their Filipino culture at the Fairplex on Saturday.
After background on global dynamics and a description of the three models, subsequent chapters describe the particular combination of elements for each regional cultural group and its impact on business practices.
Among Mexican American parents, traditional healing practices were the most popular remedies for disabilities in this cultural group.
There are opportunities for cultural group exchanges--in particular a celebration of African music and dance--for the 2007 anniversary of the abolition of slavery, and when Liverpool is European Capital of Culture in 2008.
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