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Synonyms for ambassador

Synonyms for ambassador

a diplomat of the highest rank

an informal representative

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A host of stars have signed up to become cultural ambassadors for a campaign to transform the King's Theatre Edinburgh.
Delivering the keynote address, Prince Adetokundo Kayode, former Minister of National Defense of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Deputy President, Abuja Chamber of Commerce acknowledged the role of Liberias Cultural Ambassador, Julie Endee and expressed gratitude to the Crusaders for Peace for dedicating this years Award to President Sirleaf for the level of work she has done in the country over the last 11 years which contributed to the transformation of Liberia from the ashes of war to prosperity.
This image has made him an important cultural ambassador for Israel in its rebranding campaign.
CCCJ Chair Wilf Wakely commented, "As our Cultural Ambassador, Katsura Sunshine is part of our efforts to strengthen the ties between Canada and Japan.
The cultural ambassador Murakami can be outspoken in his outreach, but he also presents a benign and friendly face of Japan, enhanced in no small part by his fluency in English.
at least proud Pete has been appointed cultural ambassador to Valleta, the capital of Malta.
JEDDAH: Chinese action superstar Jackie Chan has been invited to attend the 28th Janadriyah National Festival of Heritage and Culture as a cultural ambassador.
Say has performed with the New York Philharmonic, Berliner Symphoniker, Israel Philharmonic, Orchestre National de France and Tokyo Symphony Orchetra and has served as a cultural ambassador to the European Union.
The mother-of-two is also a writer, contributing editor for British Vogue and Cultural ambassador for the BFC (British Fashion Council).
The day of celebration, which included a hangi for 400 people cooked onsite, was hosted by the carrier's cultural ambassador and Kapa Hakra team who staged a range of events throughout the day.
Furthermore, he has been recognized by the Washington Times as "Jordan's leading Cultural Ambassador (who) dedicates his music to building bridges of peace and tolerance.
ABT has for many years seen itself as a cultural ambassador, bringing American ballet to the world," said executive director Rachel Moore.
As a Fulbright Scholar, Mueller will be a cultural ambassador of America's flagship international educational exchange program, which is sponsored by the U.
A Sanskrit scholar and author of the only Sanskrit- Catalan dictionary, Pujol is the most appropriate cultural ambassador that Spain could've appointed for India.
The communications company welcomed Wirral''s Cultural Ambassador Mike McCartney to help celebrate - and to prove that businesses on both sides of the River Mersey are doing their bit for the charity.