Cultural Revolution

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a radical reform in China initiated by Mao Zedong in 1965 and carried out largely by the Red Guard

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Bourgeois decadence, which the cultural revolution sought to eradicate, included long hair, narrow trouser legs, high heels, flower shops, libraries, paintings, musical instruments, and even pets, especially cats - all of which were sought to be ruthlessly eliminated.
The most radical and violent period was over by 1970, but the Cultural Revolution didn't end until Mao's death in 1976.
The savagery required to assert absolute power over the population is one lesson of the Cultural Revolution to which Xi seems indifferent.
In China itself, though, the Cultural Revolution is still taboo, as it has been for more than 30 years.
htm) China Daily blamed the Cultural Revolution, and the destruction of traditional culture and values it wrought, for resulting in lax morals in contemporary China as people were unleashed to pursue wealth in recent decades.
Historically, the social memory of the Cultural Revolution has been a site of controversy, contestation, and conflict within China (Kleinman & Kleinman, 1994, p.
For example, the authors provide more details on the socio-cultural and historical context of the Cultural Revolution as well as post-Mao China and how these events impacted Zhao's life.
This firmly justifies ideology as an explanatory variable, challenging the dominant interpretative framework of studies on the Cultural Revolution that see debates as essentially reflections of social interests pure and simple.
Memoirs written during the Cultural Revolution proved that in many girls growing up in the Mao era, a gender-equal belief was cultivated, and many women strived for both personal and social equality with men during that time.
This is a firsthand account of the author's experiences during the Cultural Revolution in China, including more than six years in solitary confinement in People's Detention Center No.
And finally that open struggle for power like that seen during the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution can never happen again.
Beijing : China's Internet users cried foul Thursday over the trial of an elderly man for an alleged murder decades ago during the political and social upheaval of the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong.
Lao She, a famous writer, was humiliated and tortured in the early months of the Cultural Revolution.
It is a cultural revolution - a revolution that started a quarter century ago North of Pakistan and India, and has moved today to the Middle East and North Africa.
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