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a variety of a plant developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation

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In the example, I looked for cultivars registered in the name of Dimmitt, results shown in Figure 3.
Echinacea cultivars are droughttolerant, but their foliage and flowers can dry up in severe drought.
All assays were carried out using seeds of common bean cultivars provided by the Center of Analysis and Technological Research of the Agribusiness of Grains and Fibers (Centro de Analise e Pesquisa Tecnologica de Agronegocio de Graos e Fibras), Agronomic Institute of Campinas (Instituto Agronomico de Campinas--IAC), Campinas, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The treatments contain different cultivars of cowpea including Kamran, Baghdadi, Texas-Sabili, Farokhshahr, and dwarf Italian cultivar and fertilizer treatments including Nanobiological fertilizer of Biozer, biological phosphate (fertile 2) for soybean, granular urea fertilizer, and control treatment without fertilizer.
As part of this effort, Agricultural Research Service plant physiologists Lewis Ziska, Martha Tomecek, and David Gealy conducted a study of several rice cultivars to determine whether changes of temperature and C[O.
Huskless oats contained significantly less beta-glucan as well as more protein and starch than the seven husked oat cultivars.
3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- American Lorain Corporation (NYSE MKT: ALN) ("American Lorain" or the "Company"), an international processed snack foods, convenience foods, and frozen foods company based in the Shandong Province, China, today announced that its research and development team has successfully developed a new chestnut cultivar by grafting.
Among the cultivars, it is evident that various genetic factors exist that limit the quality and acceptance of the consumers, mainly in relation to the chemical composition of the fruits (SCALZO et al.
Two trees of different cultivars are required for best pollination.
Many more excellent cultivars were developed in the 1980s based on the characteristics of early harvest season, good cup quality, high yields and disease resistance.
Nevertheless, plant breeders do encourage us to keep an eye open for 'sports' produced by cross-pollination - some of the finest cultivars are found not in the laboratory but the garden.
Five different kabuli cultivars of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L), namely raz, zehavit, bar, HA500 and yarden, were obtained from Volcani Center, Israelis Agricultural Research Institute and one desi cultivar of chickpea was obtained from the Institute of Plant Sciences at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Lettuce cultivars have varying susceptibility to Fusarium wilt, a fungal disease.
Check out the new seed catalogues for the scores of different cultivars and see how close you can get to those incredible record weights in 2012.
Interestingly, the researchers determined that holding preservatives actually reduced the vase life of 14 cultivars such as ageratum, false queen anne's lace, lisianthus, pineapple lily, yarrow, and zinnia.