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a passage with access only at one end

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The CULS financial app enables students to receive notifications about low cash balances on their campus debit card, view a list of transactions, set spending limits and compare spending to the University average.
The $40 million was to be repaid by four Dallas real estate investors with Realty America Group LLC, which had guaranteed a CULS loan for the redevelopment of the Lincoln Mall project in Cook County, Ill.
The court found there was validity to the Ponzi scheme the other allegations made the guarantors and made it clear in its ruling that CULS met all of its obligations under the loan agreement, according to Texans.
CULS and Realty America had discussed the possibility of providing the restructure, but the real estate firm raised concerns about the CUSO's ability to fund the new loan.
According to Jones, CULS conducted extensive research and due diligence before deciding which company would be the best fit for its structure.
Hanafin"), have requested immediate repayment of the CULS.
current issued CULS and, therefore, the [pounds]1,976,200 nominal of
the CULS Offer will take effect and it is expected that cancellation
conditions being satisfied the last day of trading in the CULS on AIM
A circular setting out full details of the Proposals and convening the General Meeting and the CULS Meeting will be posted to Shareholders
the holders of the CULS, all held earlier today, all resolutions were duly
Corero today announces a proposal to amend the terms of the CULS to extend the
The issuer wishes to advise that the Conversion of CULS announcement released
CULS Holders will be notified of the adjustment of the Conversion Rate of
the opportunity to subscribe for up to [pounds sterling]100,000 nominal of CULS on the same