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the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared

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By 2005 Eguaras took a job as an adjunct culinary professor at College of the Canyons, and campus spokesman John McElwain said the college is thrilled to have him as a full-time professor -- a move that reinforces the college's commitment to the culinary profession.
I was impressed by his work to improve school dinners, and by his decision to set up a training scheme by which unemployed youngsters may enter the culinary profession.
Birmingham chef Adam Bennett was named as the creme de la creme of the Midlands' culinary profession last night.
KitchenAid, All-Clad and Viking remain committed to supporting the foundation and its award ceremony, which for the past 14 years has recognized excellence in the culinary profession.
Other culinary students said they decided to enter the competition for one of two reasons - because it's good experience for a person planning a career in the culinary profession or because cooking is a lot of fun.
The name change more appropriately describes the duties and mission of the rating, aligns the rating with today's commercial culinary profession, and enhances the rating's professional image," said Senior Chief Culinary Specialist (SW) Joe Donellan, rating technical advisor and Supply Corps enlisted community manager.
Apart from professionals in the commercial and financial fields, the scheme would also cater for the entry of talents and professionals in the arts, culture and sports sectors as well as those in the culinary profession.
What the culinary profession brings to the party is the ability to shrink the time gap between concept development and scale-up.
If we succeed with this, then we will truly impact the culinary profession in a positive way and help maintain and leave a legacy to those who follow in our footsteps.
Job placement is important for this school, and the elite of the culinary profession (e.
The AAC recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to both the culinary profession and the ACE The academy represents the highest standards of professionalism in the organization, society and industry.
The competition--sponsored by the Army to promote growth in the culinary profession by encouraging cooks to focus on such aspects of food preparation as nutrition, presentation, creativity, economy and practicality--is open to active-duty members of all services, Defense Department civilians, and U.
More than 60 awards were presented to recognize excellence and achievement in the culinary profession.
Much as the culinary profession has been elevated in the United States in the past 20 years, she sees a day perhaps 10 years from now when it will be commonplace for wait staff to have professional training.
75 Years Experience in Culinary Profession as Ambassador, Author, Teacher, and Mentor; Former President of the Culinary Institute of America