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the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared

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It allows the district to offer expanded culinary arts programs, as well as manufacturing, construction and engineering programs.
Students also will have the opportunity to run their own restaurant, creating a three-course menu, and serving faculty and administrators once a month at each high school," says Lindsay Strobel, the school's culinary arts teacher.
Providing a fun, safe location to learn the art of salad-making, fun foods like gelatin critters, or making bread--these can all be part of a culinary arts program at camp.
And then there's Pulaski Technical College's gleaming new facility, the Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Institute, a 60,000-SF, $16.
These specialized and advanced cooking courses are the answer to mastering the culinary arts in the evolving food business landscape.
Kendall's Culinary Arts School, well known for its extensive program with its attention to quality and discipline, was deemed the top school for preparing students for culinary arts careers by the Chicago Michelin Guide.
In the chef training section of the Culinary Arts Program, students learn about recipe and menu planning, preparing and cooking foods, supervising and training kitchen assistants, management of supplies and resources, aesthetics of food presentations and familiarity or mastery of a variety of techniques.
Public Relations Manager at RACA, Tamir Shaaban, stated,"The Elia Nuqul Foundation's scholarships are an expression of confidence in the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and its staff," adding, "Our objectives fall in line with those of the industry, as one of our main goals is to have a positive impact on the hospitality sector by providing employable graduates in Jordan.
The Minister of Labor Samir Murad visited the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA) on Sunday, October 24th 2010, during which he was briefed about the Academy's operations and given a tour of its facilities.
The purpose of the scholarship is to honor Jerry for his contributions to the culinary arts field," said Karen Hansen, CEO of Alto-Shaam and Jerry's daughter.
The turn-key 250-man construction camp to be built to support construction work in the Toba Valley will provide the First Nations in the area with trade training and business opportunity in the culinary arts.
Roznik was nominated for the award by the Moraine Park Technical College for a feature she wrote about the college's new culinary arts center and additional culinary arts programs in September of 2006.
For the first time in the school's 40-year history, a culinary arts program will be offered this fall at New Hampshire Community Technical College-Laconia.
And now, as the newest addition to the College of the Canyons culinary arts program, Eguaras plans to give back to the profession that has given him the chance of a lifetime -- to cook for presidents, admirals and emperors.