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ball used in playing billiards

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THERE are only so many ways to turn pool into a computer game and Jimmy White's Cueball World must surely cover them all.
8 (16) Jimmy White's 2: Cueball - PlayStation/PC/Game Boy Color
Luck, which turns 400-foot drives off the wall into singles because the batter hit them too hard and turns cueball shots over the first-base bag into triples because the batter couldn't get around on a fastball.
The financing round was led by Greycroft Growth and Greenspring Associates, and included participation from Cueball Capital and e.
Then, with the match at his mercy, Maguire had an incredible slice of luck after missing a seemingly easy brown near the bottom cushion only for the cueball to stop right against the blue and leave Williams a horrible shot to stay in the match.
Although he did lose the following year, to the vastly more experienced Dessie Anderson, Higgins packed his suitcase and headed to England and - as the saying goes - the rest is cueball history.
The region's junior billiard players will be making a trip to Riley's Cueball in Derby, for the fourth of this season's EABA National Junior Ranking events.
There's some funky riffing going on on opener Cueball Bobbin' although rock fans may be bewildered by the more freeform jazz of closers Drop The Rock and Think Of One.
They will be joined by Dirty Backbeats, Leni Ward, Retrocell, Cueball 8 and Mawder.
When friend A addresses the cueball you would swear that Salman Rushdie himself had just come lurching in off the dance floor and collapsed on the table with a quadruple hernia.
The bounce off the cushions was very inconsistent and that made the cueball hard to control.
Or, turn your hand to pool with Jimmy White's Cueball World, both for PC users Star Trek: Armada II (mad-dog/ Activision) For PC CD-Rom Price: pounds 29.
Here's the chance for whirlwind snooker players to go for 147 because we've got ten copies of the awesome Jimmy White's 2: Cueball game on PlayStation to give away.
The version I was playing was nowhere near as sophisticated as Jimmy White's 2 Cueball.
2 JIMMY WHIITE SNOOKER PRIZES Celebrate the release of Jimmy White's 2: Cueball the latest Virgin Interactive PC CD-ROM game (Price pounds 29.