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sports implement consisting of a tapering rod used to strike a cue ball in pool or billiards

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Winning matches against the computer or other players equates to in-game currency, allowing players to purchase additional pool halls, cue sticks and table felts.
Other video pool games have suffered because they relied too heavily on gimmicks such as "virtual cue sticks," 3D graphics, etc.
He keeps short cue sticks on hand for kids who come to shoot pool with their parents at the newly remodeled, 10-table establishment, which he hopes to expand to 17 tables and 3,900 square feet once a neighboring storefront becomes vacant.
In this 3D game, individuals can make in-game wagers against their opponent and use the winnings to purchase table felts, cue sticks and new pool halls.
Players can customize their game experience by creating a personal profile for an in-game look and visit the Pro Shop to purchase new cue sticks, pool tables and in-game backgrounds.
With the customizable features, players looking to upgrade their cue or customize their felt can visit the Pro Shop, where they can use the in-game cash (won in tournaments or hustled from other players) to purchase new cue sticks, pool tables and in-game backgrounds.
Their most unique ice sculptures have included a working ferris wheel with swinging baskets and a life-sized pool table with cue sticks, balls and pockets.