Cucurbita moschata

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any of various plants bearing squash having hard rinds and elongated recurved necks

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A water-soluble extract from Cucurbita moschata shows anti-obesity effects by controlling lipid metabolism in a high fat diet-induced obesity mouse model.
Though developed from their experiments with Cucurbita moschata, or Asian pumpkin--the kind you'll find in cans at your local supermarket--the technique should also be applicable to other members of the squash family, known to scientists as Cucurbitaceae, or cucurbits.
Table 1: Some popular indigenous vegetables available in the western highlands of Cameroon Common/Local name Name Availability Huckleberry (large Solanum scabrum A (1) and small leaf cultivars) Pumpkin Cucurbita moschata A Roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa D Garden eggs (rounded Solanum melongena LD and oblong fruit cultivars) Melon Cucumis melo A Water leaf Talinum triangulare LD Bitter leaf (large Vernonia amygdalina A and small leaf cultivars) Cocoyam Xanthosoma sagittifolium A Amaranth Amaranthus sp A Fluted gourd Telfairia occidentalis A Cowpea Vigna unguiculata A (1) A-All Year round, D-Dry Season, LD-Less in Dry Season Table 2: Some exotic vegetables available all year round in the western highlands of Cameroon Common name Name Okra Abelmoschus spp.
98 pupae per fruit, obtained respectively from Manihot esculenta Crantz and Cucurbita moschata Duch.