Cucurbita foetidissima

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perennial vine of dry parts of central and southwestern United States and Mexico having small hard mottled green inedible fruit

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In most other studies of the maintenance of gynodioecy, combinations of high selfing rates, high inbreeding depression in hermaphrodites, and in some cases higher seed production of females have been proposed to maintain gynodioecy (in Silene acaulis [Caryophyllaceae], Shykoff 1988; in Cucurbita foetidissima [Cucurbitaceae], Kohn 1988, 1989; Kohn and Biardi 1995; in Geranium maculatum [Geraniaceae], Agren and Willson 1991; in Hebe [Scrophulariaceae], Delph 1990a,b, 1993; in Chionographis [Liliaceae], Maki 1993).
These results are similar to those of Kohn and Biardi (1995) for Cucurbita foetidissima.
Influence of plant size on the carbon and water relations of Cucurbita foetidissima HBK.
Here, women prepared a full meal, including tortillas, over stoves fueled with Cucurbita foetidissima.
In contrast, Kohn (1988) planted seeds in the field and found higher levels of inbreeding depression for seed survival in Cucurbita foetidissima than for seed number or plant size at year 2, a result consistent with Schoen's (1983) field-sown experiment and my study.
Pollen-mediated gene flow in Cucurbita foetidissima (Cucurbitaceae).