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5 X 4-6 mm; petals yellow, two external, oblong to ovate, 16-31 X 9-26 mm, two internal, oblong to obovate, 14-30 X 9-19 mm, cuculus orbicular, bent around the androecium and gynoecium, 17-25 X 11-20 mm; stamens yellow to vinaceous, 8-18 mm long; staminoids yellow, 4-5 mm long; ovary yellow, setulose, 16-28 mm long; style green, 3-5 mm long.
5 mm, cuculus bent around the androecium, 10-15 X 5-9 mm; stamens yellowish to vinaceous, 2.
5-5 mm, cuculus cordate to orbicular, bent around the stamens, 11-13 X 6-7 mm; stamens yellow, 6-7.
assimetric; sepals green, deltoid to ovate or ovate to oblong, abaxial surface glabrous, 5-11 X 3-6 mm; petals yellow with ribs orange, two external, obovate to orbicular, 11-19 X 9-12 mm, two internal, obelliptic, 15-18 X 8-11 mm, cuculus cordiform to orbicular, 14-19 X 14.
assimetric; sepals green to green-vinaceous, deltoid to ovate or ovate to elliptic, abaxial surface glabrous, 18-36 X 7-18 mm; petals golden yellow, two external, ovate, 14-36 X 7-21 mm, two internal, orbicular, 12-31 X 8-22 mm, cuculus obovate to elliptic, bent around the androecium, 12-27 X 07-13 mm; stamens light yellow, 6-24 mm long; staminoids 3-5 mm long; ovary light green, pubescent, 16-33 mm long; style light green, 2-5 mm long.
I have found only one such case in modern secondary sources where the term bugu is glossed as "da dujuan," referring to Cuculus canorus.
Order: Cuculiformes juan xing mu Family: Cuculidae dujuan ke Genus: Cuculus dujuan shu Species: Cuculus canorus da dujuan
The growth of oysters parasitized by the fungus Dermocystidium marinum and the trematode Bucephalus cuculus.
People make fun of such a fool, they call him names like cuckold": "Ridetur, cuculus, curruca, et quid non vocatur" (94, 421-22).
32) "Qui Matrimonii sui incuriosus est quique uxorem suam moechis permittit, a vulgari nostra lingua etiam cuculus dicitur.
The growth of oysters parasitized by the fungus Dermocystidium marinum and by the nematode Bucephalus cuculus.
In museums, Cherry and Bennett scrutinized 21 clutches of eggs that Africa's red-chested cuckoo, Cuculus solitarius, had invaded.
Egg mimicry by cuckoos Cuculus canorus in relation to discrimination by hosts.
An experimental study of coevolution between the cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, and its hosts.
The growth of oysters parasitized by the fungus Dermosistidium marinum and by the trematode Bucephalus cuculus.