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macroura (Linnaeus), mourning I R dove Order Cuculiformes (cuckoos) Family Cuculidae (cuckoos) Coccyzus americanus (Linnaeus), I O yellow-billed cuckoo C.
Order: Cuculiformes juan xing mu Family: Cuculidae dujuan ke Genus: Cuculus dujuan shu Species: Cuculus canorus da dujuan
This vinculum is absent in Accipitridae, Pandion, Falco, Ardeidae, Cochleariidae, Cuculidae, Upupa, Dendrocopos, Coracias, and all passerine birds thus far studied (Hudson 1948, George and Berger 1966, Vanden Berge 1970, Raikow 1987).
Hop (%) Species code individuals Cuculidae Yellow-billed Cuckoo YBCU 56 454 (74.
rufaxilla Geotrygon montana Psittacidae (1) Aratinga weddellii Cuculidae (2) Crotophaga ani C.