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common European arum with lanceolate spathe and short purple spadix

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Arum italicum This tuberous perennial, also known as Cuckoo pint, produces tiny springtime flowers.
In the autumn too, the bright red berries of the cuckoo pint under the hedge; and the winged seeds of the sycamore, twirling round as they fell, blown by the wind.
A collection of 30cm (1ft) high spikes, covered in pea sized pods, that turn from green to red at this time of year can only be one thing - that is Lords and Ladies, otherwise commonly known as Cuckoo Pint.
Certainly there are shadows of old,Welsh folk songs in some of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's and Cerys Matthews' melodies (more nakedly recognisable on Cock-a-Hoop,her recent debut solo album),and Gruff from Super Furry Animals was very aware of the lineage of Welsh songwriters,but the tradition of Welsh folk music -stretching back beyond the Middle Ages -had been consciously pushed out of the nest by a headily brewed cuckoo pint of mischievous psychedelia and Welsh punk.
The lily, also known as lords-and-ladies or cuckoo pint, is unusual because some plants have spotted leaves and some do not.