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clock that announces the hours with a sound like the call of the cuckoo

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Among their clock offerings are the 2008-2013 cuckoo clocks of the year as chosen by The Black Forest Clock Association.
BEIRUT: Switzerland may provoke thoughts of unbreakable multiple-bladed knives, cuckoo clocks, banking or tasty chocolates.
She sees a strange sight inside a sparkling workshop the ragman carefully washes and mends the teddy bear's eyes and mends other broken things, such as cuckoo clocks and rocking chairs.
At a time when public services are being hacked back to accommodate the tightest fiscal squeeze in years, news of a big chunk of corporate taxes disappearing off to the land of cuckoo clocks is not welcome and threatens to further damage the Cadbury brand after the Kraft Keynsham U-turn fiasco.
The company also has an extensive range of intricately-made cuckoo clocks.
Nick of time: Roman Piekarski, of the Cuckooland Museum in Cheshire, changes the cuckoo clocks.
Since Tottenham's last excursion in the European Cup almost half a century ago, when Bill Nicholson's Double winners were pipped in the semi-finals by Benfica, cultural exchanges between north London and the land of cuckoo clocks have not always been evenhanded.
He got the sack from Blackburn, and then coached a national team whose country is more famous for cuckoo clocks than football achievement.
IF you though Switzerland was just a land of cuckoo clocks and Toblerone, think again.
9 Ask Amabile Our interiors expert tracks down everything our readers could possibly desire for their homes, from red wardrobes to cuckoo clocks.
Along with Jones the Steam, Evans the Song and Dai Station the little green engine chugged up an down his narrow gauge line dispensing dragons' eggs, elephant bandages and cuckoo clocks.
And they wound up spending pounds 7000 on cuckoo clocks, the most in Scotland.
Apart from supremely accurate cuckoo clocks, the Swiss are also famed for their neutrality.
Mechanical clocks, such as grandfather and cuckoo clocks, are weight-driven.
Another way is Swiss crafts, like cuckoo clocks or leather goods studded with folkloric brass cut-outs, which appeal to national and tourist markets but are not as ubiquitous internationally as pocket tools and chocolate.