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(Middle Ages) an imaginary land of luxury and idleness

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expressing "solidarity," with Cuccagna and his agency.
73) Rather than a political utopia, Schlaraffenland, like its counterparts cocagne in French, cockaigne in English, or cuccagna in Italian, is above all a land of plenty, where all of one's physical needs are met, and hunger is easily satisfied--the overriding daily concern in most peasant communities.
That is to say, the reality of the Indo-Spanish city's wealth and good climate melded with the image of abundance, longevity, and pleasant leisure--tierra de Jauja in Spanish, terre de Cocaigne to the French, Cockaigne to the English, or Cuccagna to the Italians--a legend that spread in Spain and in all of Europe.
Past research on Toronto Italians variously explored food's place in the domestic and mythic landscapes of immigrants: from the kitchen, garden, and winecellar of home (Del Giudice 1993), to the mythic Paese di Cuccagna (Land of Cockaigne), a "gastronomic utopia," still embedded in immigrant consciousness (Del Giudice 1998, 2001).
fireworks, Bauernhochzeit, and the cuccagna (an elaborate ornamental structure comprised principally of food), to name a few.
Today, when the prophesied year 2005 has already come and gone, Europe certainly seems less the paese della cuccagna that Turani was promising the Italian Pinocchios.