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small room in which a monk or nun lives


small individual study area in a library

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He said: "The final box will look different, it will have a changing cubicle and there will be a screen.
Offices usually provide higher-speed access to the Internet than homes do, so you can ``turn your cubicle into a gambling casino, literally,'' he added.
was established in June 2002 to develop and market a patent-pending product that allows employees to enhance their office cubicles.
Because cubicles provide limited privacy, it's especially important to be considerate of others' space.
A second surprise visit earlier this month produced more pleasing conclusions, with staff seen to wash their hands, cardio-pulminary resuscitation and fainting procedure charts were posted in all cubicles and basins all had notices about handwashing.
The Hydro, left, is one of a range of four Hydro-massage cubicles available to Blanc.
Space planning is much more flexible, especially for companies using large numbers of cubicle office spaces to facilitate employee interaction;
Nearby, a shrunken desk and chair sat under the gradually descending ceiling in a cubicle belonging to one "Jimmy Peebles," whose name, along with those of some of his coworkers, was borrowed from Hoberman's nursery-school classmates (others were made up from Esperanto, the language that was supposed to unite the world).
That's when they shrink the size of all the cubicles just a little bit, so they can fit more people on the floor.
Or in a larger location the RN5 can be used for specific security protection purposes such as: (1) protecting and segmenting a server farm, (2) isolating incoming VPN traffic so that it does not have unrestricted access to the entire LAN, (3) isolating portions of the LAN that may belong to a separate company, or (4) limiting access to the rest of the network from Wireless LANs, conference rooms, or guest cubicles.
This item funds replacement / retrofit of cubicles serving staff located at the Fridley Municipal Center from all Departments
I feel their pain because I served a sixteen year sentence in cubicles during my corporate career," said Adams.
Family changing cubicles, parent and toddler cubicles, single changing cubicles and specially designated disabled changing cubicles with showers and seating.
Offices ranging in size from 2,000 square feet to 5,800 square feet are available with everything in place - lighting, decor, fixtures, wiring, reception areas, private offices and staff cubicles.
Music for Cubicles was a daily staple of early 'net radio listeners who were searching for something different than what was on the radio dial," explains Joe Pezzillo, Founder of Music for Cubicles.