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Synonyms for cubicle

small room in which a monk or nun lives


small individual study area in a library

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The usual explanation is that cubicles are cost-efficient.
Saucy misses had been "peeping" at the boys changing in the cubicles.
In people-intensive departments like tech support, accounting, and telemarketing, most employees end up working in cubicles rather than personal offices.
com/research/49edc7/2010_plimsoll_anal) has announced the addition of the "2010 Plimsoll Analysis - Toilet Cubicles & Washroom Systems - A comprehensive profile of 81 companies operating in the UK market" report to their offering.
Delivery of low-voltage distribution cubicles over a fixed contract period of two years from January 1, 2018, with option of extending the contract by two years to a maximum of eight additional contractual years.
The administrator is believed to have seen the Jordanian man standing on the toilet seat in one cubicle, according to records, and peeping over the partition between the two cubicles at 4.
The honest passenger told Rualo that she found the money inside one of the cubicles at the womens restroom near Gate 10 of the Naia Terminal 1 departure area.
A member of the public reported smoke coming from one of the cubicles.
The 24-year-old woman, who cannot be named, complained Mr Kirby peeped at her from both under and over a partition at one of the centre's changing cubicles, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.
Jenny, 35, of Slaithwaite, papered the cubicles with her photographs to create the works, called Best Selves.
LEADING restroom specialist Besco Building Supplies of Singapore will be exhibiting its highly functional and elegant toilet cubicles and lockers at gulfBID.
A PEEPER used a mirror to spy on swimmers undressing in the cubicles of a Teesside pool, a court heard.
In his novel Generation X (1991), Douglas Coupland termed cubicles "veal-fattening pens.
McCulloch returned to check the floors of the cubicles and the condition of Ms Sebley.