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The hundred-millionth engine is an LS9 engine for a Corvette ZR1, and it has 379 cubic inches, producing 640bhp.
The largest pot leek record, recognised by the national Club and Institute Union, is measured by combining the cubic inches of two leeks.
Steve White, from Hetton, set a new size record at the NPLS with 344 cubic inches.
The reservoir holds 35 ounces of water and the 100 cubic inches of cargo space can hold gloves, hat, sunscreen, snacks, stuffed animals or a two-way radio (not included) so you can keep track of Junior.
The unit has a volume capacity of 1,750 cubic inches and can maintain a set temperature from refrigerated to frozen using a built-in, digital temperature-control module.
The package usually weighs several pounds and takes up about 200 cubic inches.
0 cubic inches of total volume, thc pump is ideal for OEMs that require a pump of minimal size and weight.
One unit now undergoing tests measures just 50 cubic inches, 1/15th the volume of standard gas meters, notes Carl Griffis of the Chicago-based Gas Research Institute (GRI), which is helping finance development of the new meter.
In addition, the MakerBot Replicator 2 enables users to make big objects, up to 410 cubic inches in volume (11.
Noted for its quiet operation, the engine is an L-head V8 displacing 385 cubic inches and producing 90 horsepower at 2,800 rpm.
Cubic Inches: 2,200 total (1,150 cubic inches, Detachable Pack; 1,050 cubic inches, Fanny Pack)
The Model 4500 offers 4,800 cubic inches of capacity, the 2200 has 2,310 cubi inches of space, the Superday has 1,950 cubic inches and the Monster Fanny offers 1,100 cubic inches of cargo space.
The world record is achieved by combining the cubic inches of two leeks and Micky's measured a total of 382 - beating the previous world record of 366 inches cubed from two years ago.
1) Sportsman's Outdoor Products' Moinbeam backpack has 2,050 cubic inches of storage space and comes ready to accept any hydration bladder.
The engine - which in the number of cubic inches is about twice the size of a modern American V-8 - now powers a 1915 firetruck chassis.