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The North of Alexandria agreement stipulates that there will be a trial operation of the project that begins on 1 July 2017, and ends on 30 December 2017, with average daily gas production of 200m cubic feet.
Alternatively, for those at the higher end of the scale, a chandelier will typically be five cubic feet and a grand piano will measure 60 cubic feet.
The price will double for water used beyond the 6,500 cubic feet in summer and 3,000 cubic feet in winter.
s BPMiGas and British Petroleum, will send 500 million cubic feet of gas per day from its Tangguh facility to a new terminal in Baja California, Mexico.
We had to build in fire walls and minimized (records storage volume) to 100,000 cubic feet.
From January through March 2001, residential consumption was 2,530 billion cubic feet or 28.
The combination of the above developments will increase area production from approximately 4 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to approximately 20 million cubic feet per day in December 1994.
Based on information available in Colombia, the current regulatory commission for energy and gas ("CREG") gas price for the area in which the development is located is approximately $3 per thousand cubic feet.
The report explained that Oil Company in Suez, Soco, increased its gas production by 82m cubic feet in 2015, followed by Badr El Din Petroleum Company (BAPETCO) by 73m cubic feet.
Net imports from January through October 2000 are estimated to be 2,852 billion cubic feet, 24 billion cubic feet (less than 1 percent) higher than for the same period last year (Table 2).
9 million cubic feet per day on a 32/64-inch choke with 497 psi of flowing tubing pressure from perforations in three zones between 6,076 feet and 6,283 feet; and
To compensate for this loss, wells are being linked on a monthly basis to increase production, with no more than 70m cubic feet, compared to the 130m cubic feet lost in production, the senior official said in a statement to Daily News Egypt.
46 a month and 60 cents plus the 5 cent surcharge for each additional 100 cubic feet.
4 trillion cubic feet and increased their contribution to U.
206 million cubic feet of gas per day with a flowing tubing pressure of 4,271 psi.