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The official added that 125m cubic feet of gas pumped per day to Methanex is halted as the factory carries out the annual maintenance.
Second on the list are the Home Counties with 897 cubic feet, which may be explained by the high proportion of family homes.
The ``excessive'' rate kicks in when customers exceed 6,500 cubic feet a month in the summer and fall and 3,000 cubic feet in the winter and spring.
He says the Peruvian consortium aims to send about 400 million cubic feet of gas per day to the Mexican market and another 200 million to the United States through Mexico.
The concept of compartmentalization, specifying a maximum record storage volume of 250,000 cubic feet, stems from NFPA 232A, where it was included as a recommended measure to minimize the potential loss of records to fire and referred to fire walls as a means to prevent fire from spreading to other compartments.
That record low was set at the end of March in 1996 at 758 billion cubic feet.
Gross reserves estimated from material balance calculations and volumetrics vary from approximately 4 to 8 billion cubic feet of gas recoverable (2 to 4 billion cubic feet net to PetroLatina).
2bn cubic feet, while the total production from compensatory wells is 700m cubic feet per year.
Dry natural gas production from January through October 2000 is estimated to be 15,590 billion cubic feet or 51.
Egyptian wells are declining in productivity at a rate of 110m cubic feet of gas per month, according to the report.
46 a month and 60 cents plus the 5 cent surcharge for each additional 100 cubic feet.
4 trillion cubic feet and increased their contribution to U.
The test of the lower sands of the Admiral Formation ("100, 200 & 300 sands") flowed at an estimated rate of 77 Million cubic feet of gas per day through a 1 1/4" choke directly to the flare.
The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) resumed providing gas to all fertiliser plants at about 90% of the contracted amount, estimated at 600m cubic feet per day.
01 a month for the first 500 cubic feet of water - about 3,700 gallons - and 54 cents to 95 cents plus a 5 cent surcharge for each additional 100 cubic feet.