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It also unveiled the intended 7-day itinerary that Fathom travelers will experience featuring an authentic Cuban cultural immersion -- part learning, part sharing, and all immersion into the Cuban culture and full connection with the Cuban people.
The changes in Cuban law eliminate a costly exit visa and make it easier for Cubans to both leave and return to the island legally.
How many more Cubans migrate will depend partly on how other countries react to Cuba's new law.
As a Journal reader, the last thing I would like to see in such a newspaper is a picture of Cuban president Fidel Castro, even if it shows him being greeted by Pope John Paul II in 1998.
Over strong coffee and cigars (A-Fuente Gran Reservas - Dominican, not Cuban), Garcia, who turned 50 last week, spoke about his long cinematic quest, his Cuban upbringing and the disappointment he feels every time he sees someone sporting a Che Guevara T-shirt.
Haitians were also subjected to policies that were expressly designed to discourage their entry--leading to gross disparities in the criteria for granting asylum to Haitian and Cuban refugees.
Are gay Cubans really locked away in concentration camps?
Those Cubans authorized to access the Internet do so through their work places in government offices, hospitals, universities, research centers, state-run media, artists and writers unions, or foreign companies.
They were "black when with Cubans, and Cuban when with blacks" (p.
Even though he's a Cuban exile who often writes about Cubans in America, Cruz doesn't think his plays are political.
It was at this time that Cubans debated and literally fought over the interwoven meanings of race, citizenship, and democracy in a nominally independent country under US hegemony.
On March 18th, Castro's secret police launched a series of sweeps across Cuba, arresting physicians, journalists, poets, authors, teachers, photographers, and human rights activists who had dared to speak out against the dictator's murderous regime and to advocate freedom for all Cubans.
My favorite Havana restaurant--a seven-table outdoor cafe with cheap beer and the best picadillo in town--contained only Cubans.
Since Castro has been in power for 43 years, there are two generations of Cubans that don't know anything about freedom.