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the basic unit of money in Cuba


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The CUC is pegged to the US dollar and its exchange rate is 1 CUC per 25 Cuban pesos (CUP).
From 1990 to 1993, the exchange rate of the Cuban peso suffered an enormous depreciation vis-a-vis the dollar in the informal market.
Long lines of people at casas de cambio are mostly buying convertible pesos (CUCs) with Cuban pesos, not dollars, and state shops charging CUCs today offer a wide variety of appliances, electronics, shoes, hardware and food--pretty much everything you can find in Miami, from Dove soap bars to Red Bull energy drinks.
The 55-year-old father-of two recalls: "At first they wanted about 350 Cuban pesos which is about pounds 250
Nolberto was very thirsty, so after a few rounds of drinks, I settled up the bill - around pounds 5 in Cuban pesos.
During this period a relative recovery of the national currency took place--from a rate of 150 Cuban pesos in 1993 to 20 pesos in 2000 and 26 pesos in 2003.
Regardless of their location or profitability, they must now pay a monthly tax of $400 and 1,000 Cuban pesos, equivalent to about $40, owners say, and may have to pay even more at the end of the year if they are unusually successful.
8 billion Cuban pesos, which is the planned figure of the budget deficit.
The Council of Ministers, the National Housing Institute and the Ministry of Finance agree to promote an increase of up to 5,000 Cuban pesos (about $208) for materials transportation expenses.
Nolberto was very thirsty, so after a few rounds of drinks, I settled the bill - around pounds 5 in Cuban pesos.
A Cuban pesos can't be taken in or out of the country.
Perceived as the hen of the golden eggs, these officials became professional swindlers and for years, stole millions of pesos--both ordinary Cuban pesos and pesos convertibles.
Medina said the bulk of credit lines has reached 347 million Cuban pesos, granted to citizens for home repairs and the purchase of construction materials.