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a broad heel of medium height on women's shoes

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I'd lay odds that Simon Cowell does (what with those Cuban heels he seems to favour), and that Tom Cruise, for all his sofa-bouncing, secretly winces when Katie dons stilettos.
Chunky heels, Cuban heels and pointed toe detailing give the boot a modern twist, making them a great casual option for indie fashionistas and urban cowgirls everywhere.
Liverpool will prosper if it continues to dance to the same beat - I just hope my Cuban heels are up to the test for the big weekend
I'm going to be brutally honest, but I won't be stepping into Simon's Cuban heels - that's a little out of my league.
Hamilton's expressive style and range is evocative of the very best of traditional soul/R&B, the sort of stuff that makes you want to wear a leather coat and Cuban heels.
The suits were outrageously bad so I went for the leather jacket and Cuban heels, which were fantastic - although I have to say it's hard to chase criminals in Cuban heels.
Shoes: Hush Puppy oxfords, platforms and thick Cuban heels are still around, but flat-heeled thongs such as J.
He is also believed to have damaged both ankles after toppling over on his Cuban heels.
White T-shirt, white linen pants and white Cuban heels.
ADAVID BOWIE has waded his Cuban heels into Scottish affairs, but declined to comment when asked how Forfar will do at Arbroath today.
After originally deciding to retire from competitive ballroom dancing and hang up my Cuban heels, I've decided to dust them off and give it one more shot to try and change Craig's mind about my dancing - and all in front of live arena audiences around the country.
Over the years I have worn stylish clogs, Chelsea boots, Cuban heels, platform shoes and ones with toes that were so long and pointed that they curled up at the end liKe Aladdin's slippers.
Watson side-skipped across the stage in his Cuban heels, loosened his tie and gave the performance everything he had and more, as he brought a taste of the best Italian opera to Wales.
He told Glamour magazine Simon was 'touchy' about his hair and the fact he wears three-inch Cuban heels.
I did take to wearing Cuban heels to build up my height a bit, but my friends kept taking the mick out of me for doing that.